Rock N Roll Is Not Dead


Children of two rock legends from Seville, Sammy Taylor and Charlie Cepeda had childhoods marked by extravagance and excess, Sammy in the UK and Australia (without knowing anything about his father, Silvio, a legend in Spain), Charlie in Seville. This journey follows their early years until their meeting, an explosive connection from which came the band Los Labios, whose collaborators have included Chrissie Hynde of "The Pretenders", Jackson Browne, Craig Ross, Bunbury, Kiko Veneno, Jarabe de Palo and Raimundo Amador. This film, which follows the band for four years, is a wild rock ‘n’ roll story filled with drugs, kidnappings, suicide attempts and gurus, interwoven with the story of how the rock ‘n’ roll revolution was introduced to Spain during the Franco era. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!

Rating C / Viewing: Age 18 and up

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Charlie Boy, Mauricio Angulo, Ana Martinez Porro

Spain, Bahamas / 2022, 76 mins

Wednesday, May 3 / 8:30pm

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