The House On Coco Road  USA / 2015 / 78 mins

In 1983 my mother is offered a position in the Ministry of Education and we leave our home in Oakland and move to Grenada. I’d never seen her happier. Grenada was briefly our home. In 1983 the United States led a military invasion following the assassination of the young popular Prime Minister, Maurice Bishop. We hid under the bed for three days as bombs shook our new paradise, and changed its course forever. Sixteen years later, in 1999, I returned to Grenada with my mother, and began shooting a documentary film, searching for her story, one that felt not just untold, but unfinished. In 2014, I discovered a box of family super 8 footage of my great grandmother in rural Louisiana on the land our family sharecropped and my grandmother’s migration west. I started to unravel my mother’s path to activism. I started to understand why my mother, and a group of tireless women, had put their lives on the line, daring to build a better world. You may not know their names, but they have changed the course of history.


Monday, December 5 / 4:00pm

Romora Bay, Harbour Island

Friday, December 9 / 12:30pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 3

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Damani Baker


Damani Baker, Jon Fine, Eisa Davis, Cameron Russell


Damani Baker, Belvie Rooks, Danny Glover, Damani Baker, Max Osterweis, Cameron Russell

Principal Cast

Fannie Haughton, Angela Davis, Fania Davis, Maurice Bishiop, Ronald Reagan



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