Stone Shacks  Bahamas / 2015 / 46 mins

Driven to the brink of bankruptcy due to a harsh economy, the Bahamian Real Estate agency known as Lucayan Houses look to their most talented yet unbelievably xenophobic agent Robert Babbington for answers. In a burst of inspiration Robert focuses his sights on the dimwitted but unnaturally street wise gas pump attendant Bethel seeking knowledge on the "Bahamian Layman." Robert and his team learns a hilarious lesson about the track road over the hill less traveled.


Wednesday, December 9 / 5:00pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 3



Tyrone Burrows (Attending)


Tyrone Burrows


Tyrone Burrows

Principal Cast

Rossano Deal, Sania Johnson, Tyrone J Burrows, Chigozie Idjeoma

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