More Than God  Ireland / 2015 / 9 mins

Our film comes out of a changing Ireland in a changing world. 
The recent gay marriage referendum in Ireland followed by the long awaited Supreme Court ruling in the United States has finally brought a marginalised group of our society a step closer to being equal citizens in the eyes of the law. Our film set out to show a family in the middle of that struggle. Some people would say that struggle is far too severe a word given that the lgbtq community is already widely accepted in society. We believe that a struggle against equality but not against being overtly downtrodden can sometimes be more difficult. It is for this reason that we try to convey the change of society in more discrete way. We did not want to force a message upon anyone. 

We set out to show very normal universally recognisable characters in a bizarre situation which ultimately reminds them how their humanity is linked to everyone through the family, friends and strangers who are standing beside them.


Saturday, December 5 / 1:15pm

Globe Princess Theatre, Governor's Harbour

Thursday, December 10 / 8:00pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 2



Kev Cahill (Attending)


Kev Cahill


Ali Coffey, Sorcha O'Beirne

Principal Cast

Donncha Crowley, Ally Ní Chiarain, Brian Fortune, Lorna Larkin, Marie Ruane


Irish (English Subtitles)

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