Five Star  USA / 2014 / 83 mins

In a blend of fiction and reality, FIVE STAR explores the relationship between two men - Primo, an actual gang leader in the East New York Bloods, and John, a young man trying to decide whether gang life is the path for him. As Primo mentors John in the workings of the gang world, a secret threatens both men's futures. The film is a nuanced portrait of two men struggling with gang life, and an intimate contemplation on manhood in the modern urban environment.

** Suitable for over 15 years of age  - C


Friday, December 5 / 5:00pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 3

Saturday, December 6 / 7:15pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 3



Keith Miller


Keith Miller


Keith Miller, Luisa Conlon, Daryl Freimark

Principal Cast

James 'Primo' Grant, John Diaz, Wanda Nobles Colon



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