Tobacco Burn  USA / 2013 / 17 mins

Based on an oral history from the W.P.A. Writers, Tobacco Burn is set thirty-five years before the Civil War at the height of American slavery. When two of the enslaved weigh the complexities of killing their overseer, each develop a different understanding towards violence, acting on which could cost all of them their lives.

Best Short Film (MVAAFF), Best Student Film (CIFF), Audience Award for Best Short Film (Gasparilla Film Festival, Palm Beach Film Festival), 


Saturday, December 6 / 11:00am

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 2

Sunday, December 7 / 2:30pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 5

Thursday, December 11 / 3:30pm

Pink Sands Resort



Justin Liberman (attending)


Ajani Jackson and Justin Liberman


Alvaro R. Valente

Principal Cast

Stephen Tyrone Williams, Daralyn Jay, Law Crimlis, Julian Rozzell, Tim Rosselle



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