En Las Nubes, In The Clouds  Argentina / 2014 / 21 mins

EN LAS NUBES (In the Clouds) explores the complicated--and often comedic--space between how we *think* romance should work and how it actually does. Set all around Buenos Aires during one momentous week in the lives of Mariela, an Argentinean illustrator, and Oliver, an American dog food executive working abroad, the film takes a look at conflicting cultural disagreements about intimacy and the way the once-simple idea of a marriage proposal has taken on an increasingly public, and sometimes ridiculous, weight in this golden age of YouTube.


Thursday, December 4 / 2:00pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 2

Friday, December 5 / 2:30pm

Melia Nassau Beach Resort

Saturday, December 13 / 2:15pm

Pink Sands Resort



Marcelo Mitnik


Marcelo Mitnik


Dave Kajganich, Paula Manzanedo-Schmit, Marcelo Mitnik

Principal Cast

Valeria Blanc, Jeremy Glazer, Martin Piroyansky, Veronica Hassan, Javier Drolas, Maria Canale, Luciano Cazaux, Luz Palazon, Alan Sabbagh, Iair Said


Spanish & English (English Subtitles)

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