The Score  United Kingdom / 2022 / 100 mins

This is their big shot. Mike has the contacts, Troy brings the cash – a treasure trove buried by his imprisoned older brother. As they travel to the meeting point, Troy bubbles with excitement while Mike broods, concerned about the risk.

A rundown roadside café in the middle of nowhere provides the rendezvous point. Troy exchanges banter with the charismatic waitress Gloria, who is like a breath of fresh air to him. Mike, on the other hand, is eager to keep a low profile. As the time of the handover approaches, Troy and Gloria’s connection deepens into mutual attraction.

But not all is as it seems and it turns out Mike himself is the real danger: he has planned to turn his back on Troy, kill him and run away with both their shares. And Troy is too busy falling in love to pick up on the warning signs. Gloria offers him an alternative life. Gloria, the lost soul, who needs Troy to make the leap with her, to embrace love and uncertainty, or else be dragged deeper into her own darkness. Can love save them in time?

Rating C / Viewing: Age 18 and up


Thursday, May 4 / 8:30pm

Atlantis Theater, Paradise Island



Malachi Smyth


Malachi Smyth


Ben Pullen & Matthew James Wilkinson

Principal Cast

Naomi Ackie, Will Poulter, Johnny Flynn & Lydia Wilson



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