The Unknown Athenians  Greece, Germany / 2021 / 70 mins

Director Statement

I was always curious about how stray dogs survive in the center of such a big chaotic city like Athens. That is something unique compared to other European cities, where there aren't any stray dogs wandering around. So, by following them I discovered their secret saviors and benefactors, people who spend time and money to take care of them. This unique, symbiotic relationship sparked my interest. Through the dogs and people's stories, the film sketches a touching portrait of the stray dogs of Athens living in the city streets and, at the same time, becomes a love letter to the capital of Greece, a place where I grew up and spent my youth.

Rating B / Viewing: Parental Guidance


Friday, May 5 / 7:30pm

ECCHO Art Gallery Baha Mar



Angeliki Antoniou


Angeliki Antoniou


Angeliki Antoniou


Greek (English Subtitles)

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