Training Wheels  Bahamas, Canada / 2022 / 9 mins


Director Statement

Training Wheels is about an unbreakable bond between a father and his son. I wanted to create this short film because black fathers are not always depicted correctly on screen. Many times in films, black fathers are either showcased as deadbeats or in prison. I want this film to break those stereotypes and showcase a great father and also explore the reality of what we have to go through in society. I am a black father so this film is dear to my heart and it is my reality. I always say that “I speak through my camera lens.” Film has always been my voice and I hope that this film can be used as a letter for many black fathers for their sons or daughters, who also have to go through the reality that is depicted in this film. Let’s continue to raise young kings and queens.

About The Director

Lavado Stubbs is a director and producer, born in Nassau, Bahamas. He harnessed his talents early on in his hometown before branching out to the United States via Los Angeles and Canada via Toronto. Over the years, Lavado has developed a cinematic style rooted in Bahamian culture to bring the world a visual style that has yet to be seen before. In 2014, he would receive the Bahamian Icon Award and firmly establish his place in his country’s history while providing inspiration to the younger generation to follow their creative pursuits with all of their heart. Lavado would go on to form his own production company, Conchboy Films. Over the years he has progressed the brand from a small startup to a budding creative organization, nailing work for critically acclaimed short documentaries like “AFTER: The Kellie Greene Story,” which aired on Direct TV while winning first place at the Enzian Film Slam competition, and music videos for major label artists, such as Sony Records Grammy award-winning group, Baha Men. In addition to these achievements, Lavado and the company have seen great success through their work on short films and music videos along with commercials, documentaries, and many other multimedia projects.

Rating A / Viewing: All ages


Saturday, May 6 / 2:50pm

Atlantis Theater, Paradise Island



Lavado Stubbs


Lavado Stubbs


Lavado Stubbs



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