Holidays At All Cost  France / 2022 / 104 mins


Reconnecting with my family after a decade abroad, I found inspiration in the cherished memories of our South of France vacations. These idyllic childhood summers led me to create Frederic's story, illustrating his determination to provide the same experiences for his son.


"Holidays at All Cost" goes beyond the tale of an absurd vacation, exploring a family's emotional journey filled with laughter and tears. The film delves into themes of sacrifice, determination, and family bonds, capturing the humor and absurdity often found even in the most dramatic situations.


Drawing from my own experiences, I crafted the characters and their dramatic arcs, placing Frederic in outlandish situations. This film became my escape during the first lockdown, offering a ray of sunshine in challenging times.


Influenced by European cinema giants like Tati, Kusturica, Fellini, and Billy Wilder, my artistic vision was further honed through working with industry greats in the United States. These experiences fostered my growth as a filmmaker and provided invaluable tools to bring my vision to life.


Directing "Holidays at All Cost" was a remarkable and intense experience, filled with a sense of homecoming as I returned to the region where I grew up, supported by the town hall, the locals, and a talented, caring team.


Shooting an independent film during the COVID pandemic presented challenges, but it ultimately brought our team closer together. My own severe battle with COVID fueled my desire to make movies, emphasizing the importance of cherishing life's precious moments.


As I look to the future, I am eager to bring more of my stories to life. With "Holidays at All Cost," I hope to share my passion for blending comedy and drama, offering audiences an authentic glimpse into the heart of a family's emotional journey and the importance of treasuring life's moments.





Raised in Paris and born in New York to Taiwanese and Serbian-American parents, Stevan Lee Mraovitch possesses a rich multicultural background that continually fuels his artistic vision. This diversity permeates his work in poetry, photography, writing, directing, and producing, enabling him to craft original and captivating expressions of his ideas.


Stevan's artistic journey commenced at the age of 22 when his poetry collection was published by L'Âge d'Homme in Paris. His debut work delves into themes of nostalgia and brotherhood while reflecting on the illusion of love and humanity amidst the suffering of war-torn Yugoslavia. Stevan's unique narrative, rooted in his diverse cultural heritage, distinguished him as one of the youngest poets published by L' Âge d'Homme.


A graduate of the French film school ESEC and holder of a Master of Fine Arts degree from Columbia University, Stevan has collaborated with esteemed industry figures like Barry Levinson, Julie Delpy, David Mamet, Michael Hausman, and Scott Franklin. These experiences allowed him to refine his storytelling skills and produce several award-winning films.


Stevan's directorial debut, "Holidays at All Cost," garnered critical acclaim and a plethora of awards and nominations. Among his accolades are the Jury Prize and Audience Award at the 28th Austin Film Festival, the Jury Prize for Best International Dramatic Feature Film at the 35th Edmonton International Film Festival, Best Feature Film and Best Comedy at the Austrian Film Festival, and the Best Screenplay award at the Marbella International Film Festival.


Sunday, May 7 / 2:00pm

Atlantis Theater, Paradise Island



Stevan Lee Mraovitch


Stevan Lee Mraovitch


Stevan Lee Mraovitch, Sergey Rodionov

Principal Cast

Oumar Diaw, Donia Eden, Benjamin Garnier, Antoine Schoumsky


French (English Subtitle)

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