The Deliverer  United States / 2018 / 15 mins

When a desperate fisherman’s hunger strike fails to stop a corrupt Government from destroying his village, he brokers a deal with a mysterious drug runner to traffic cocaine to save his home.

Joseph Chike is a desperate fisherman attempting to save his ancestral land by protesting a corrupt Government bent on destroying his village to make way for an oil refinery project. With his wife, Vashti Chike, his most strident supporter begs him to give up the fight for the sake of their safety especially since the angry villagers are clamoring for more violent protest action.

One day Joseph rescues a wounded man out at sea; the mysterious Shane Khan. Shane learns of the predicament facing the village and shrewdly brokers a deal with Joseph: help him traffic cocaine from Venezuela to Trinidad using his fishing boat and he’ll get him the money he needs to save the village.

*Bahamas Premiere



Thursday, November 29 / 7:00pm

Inagua Room, Baha Mar Convention Centre

Saturday, December 1 / 12:00pm

Inagua Room, Baha Mar Convention Centre

Wednesday, December 5 / 6:30pm

Seaspray Beach Resort, Abaco



Ron Morales, Paul Pryce


Paul Pryce


Paul Pryce, Lisa Wickham

Principal Cast

Paul Pryce, Evelyn Caesar Munroe, Marvin Ishmael, Michael Cherrie, Leslie-Ann Lavine



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