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BIFF 2008 Filmmaker Residency Program

Nassau, Bahamas - In preparation for the fIfth annual Bahamas International Film Festival, the organizers are proud to announce the return of the Filmmaker’s Residency Program, proudly sponsored by one of The Bahamas leading Off Shore banks of 51 years, Ansbacher Ltd.

This year, the best screenplay or treatment for a feature film written by a Bahamian or Caribbean artist will be awarded a $10,000 prize to aid with the development and eventual production of the film. This year, both Bahamian and Caribbean filmmakers have a fantastic opportunity to get funding for their dream project, whether it be a big budget spectacle or a small independent work.

In addition to the grant, the Filmmakers Residency Program seeks to nurture new filmmakers and screenwriters by allowing them an unrivaled opportunity to spend a full day with those who make a living working in the industry they wish to break into. It is our intention that the contacts made will last beyond the time spent at the program, and that all who take part in the program will benefit from attending.

However, the program is not limited to film. Artists of any kind may enter their projects for consideration as well. Whatever the art form, the exposure and opportunities the residency program gives its participants are unique to our festival. As Maria Govan, director of RAIN has said, "BIFF offers Bahamians two very important things through the residency program -- the opportunity to get feedback on one's work so that Bahamians may become better screen writers and also the opportunity to connect with industry people who have the capacity to help realize that which is given to them on the page."

The program will take place on December 6th, where filmmaker and advisor will be introduced, followed by one-on-one meetings. Towards the end of the day all participants will come together so that each person can ask questions in a group dynamic. Finally, the advisors will meet with each other and give feedback on each project, which will provide the filmmaker with comments from an impressive cross-section of expertise.

As the festival grows with each passing year, the Residency Program continues to provide us with outstanding artistic work from both the Bahamian and international communities. We are confident that this year will be no different.

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