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Screenwriters Residency Program

Writers have been selected for the 2023 BIFF Writers Residency Program in person mentorship taking place May 3- 7, 2023 in Nassau, Bahamas

Writer Jomo Merritt / United States

Journal of A Dinka Boy, Chronicles the experiences of a young boy in Sudan. Triplets NOAH, SIMON and MATTHEW’S mother dies in childbirth. Superstitious beliefs attribute her death and their birth to the fact that their mother was the daughter of an adulteress.

Writer Arthur Tiersky / United States

I Don't Know, An initially conventional romantic comedy is disrupted by the presence of the screenwriter himself, who seems to be a better match than his leading man for his leading lady.


Writer Samuel Delancy / Bahamas

Brawl Out, A series about a fighter and his rise in the field of combat sports starting from the bottom in the world of professional wrestling.


Writer Mahmoud Salimi / Afghanistan

Roya, In a province in Afghanistan, life goes on much as it has for centuries. While the international newspapers focus on the wars and the opium trade, villagers go about their daily lives -- farming, practicing their religion and raising their children. This is the story (based on actual events) of two families, who are bound by a tragic sense of honor and tradition, which leads to a bloody feud.

Writer Millie West / United States

Mary Jane's Last Dance, A woman, jilted by her husband, returns to her home state where she accepts her dream job with the U.S. Attorney's Office for South Carolina just as they begin an investigation into drug smuggling. Unbeknownst to her, her beloved nephew, is, in fact, an underworld drug kingpin. Her decision to help bring her nephew to justice plunges her family into a crisis of which they may never recover.

Writers Toni D'Antonio, Mitch del Monico / United States

An Unfamiliar Life, When Margie loses the one person that her entire life seemed to be centered around, this tragedy comes with a wake-up call. She takes a hard look at this life that has become something so unfamiliar that she bravely leaves everything behind and ventures into a new world, a new romance, a new life.

Writers Mark Amador, / United States

Symphony Of Madness, When Alan King loses his grip on reality, his mental illness creates a delusional world where minorities become ‘aliens’. Raised on extreme values, reinforced by his rich Oedipal mother, Alan is programmed like a Manchurian candidate. A group of skinheads parallel Alan's story converging in a violent standoff at his college, where madness has become reality.

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