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How To Use The Virtual Island With Filmocracy



BIFF welcomes all while continuing to embrace our digital virtual space. Take a look at BIFF's pervious virtual Island 

This Phoenix Designs creation is a virtual map that enables users to experience BIFF’s entire range of events. Festival attendees will be able to virtually traverse our BIFF Indoor theaters or the Goombay Outdoor Theater. Panels discussions and tributes will be showcased at the Westend Love Beach Pavilion, networking meetings at the Schweppes Filmmaker Retreat, info center and souvenir shop at the Luna Rum Tower, and let's not forget BIFF’s signature Screenwriters Residency Program aboard the sonaBLAST! Yacht and more.


Filmocracy has designed a creative approach to virtual film festivals that elevates the experience beyond a streaming link and video chat, providing attendees with the feeling of movement, space, and excitement.


Attendees can visit films and meeting areas with tables where they can sit and have virtual meetings. If a spot is open they can take a seat with their individual avatar at a table where a designated topic, selected from the festival menu, is under discussion.. Avatars bear the attendee’s photo, name, affiliation, and the act of occupying an available seat launch a video conversation with others at the table.

Imagine you are attending a convention and there are many people mingling and networking that are engaged in conversations, these people you have never met, however, have a common interest:, cinema. You can enter the space and appear on the screen as a bubble around new acquaintances.

As a participant you will be able to reserve tables for private meetings online, however, there are many tables for participants to continue discussing what they have just experienced under the Schweppes networking gazebo.

Experience Virtual Reality at its finest – you will want to come in person year after year.

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