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FIlm Line Up 2016

Nassau, Bahamas – October 31, 2016 – Festival Founder and Executive Director Leslie Vanderpool today announced the final program details for the 13th edition of the Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF), which takes place December 5-8, in Harbour Island and December 8 – 11 in Nassau.


Michael Mailer of ’ “Blind” starring Alec Baldwin, Demi Moore and Dylan McDermott will open the festival with a red carpet screening at Rawson Square, Downtown Nassau on Thursday, December 8th followed by the documentary “Before The Trees Was Strange” directed by Derek Burrows. The Closing film “Bazodee” starring Machel Montano to close the festival with an evening screening on Sunday, December 11that Fort Stanley, Fort Charlotte.


This year, the Festival will showcase 95 films from 26 different countries, including 31 features of which several are international premieres and all are Bahamian premieres. The five competition categories at BIFF are Spirit of Freedom: Narrative; Documentary; New Visions; Sports Highlight; and Short Film. With a Special section for World Cinema.  


This year in response to the strength of the Caribbean Films, we have decided to dissolve the Caribbean Spotlight category. Films that would be considered for the category have been distributed into other sections and eligible for a grand jury prize.


The official BIFF lineup is comprised of the following films:



HEAVEN’S FLOOR (Canada) / Director: Lori Stoll

THE OPEN (France) / Director: Marc Lahore

9 RIDES (USA) / Director: Matthew Cherry

DEATH ON A ROCK (USA) / Director: Scott Ballard




ALISON (South Africa) / Director: Uga Carlini

ARLETTE (Central African Republic) / Director: Florian Hoffman

EPIPHANY (Cayman Islands) / Director: Michael Maes

FREE CECE (USA) / Director: Jacqueline Gares


SONITA (Afghanistan) Director: Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami

THE IF PROJECT (USA) Director: Kathlyn Horan

DIVA: ENEMY OF PEOPLE (UK, St. Lucia) / Director: Tony Oldham

THE HOUSE ON COCO ROAD (Branada) / Director: Damani Baker




DELINQUENT (USA) / Director: Kieran Valla

GIRL FLU (USA) / Director: Dorie Barton

LIVE CARGO (USA/ BAHAMAS) / Director: Logan Sandler

LIVING ROOM COFFIN (USA) / Director: Michael Sarrow

MINOR (Canada) / Director: Sam C. Avery

SHORTWAVE (USA) / Director: Ryan Phillips

THE MAHJONG BOX (China) Director: Fabian Gaillard




ALL THE BEST (Croatia ) / Director: Ankica Juric Tilic  

ONE SMART FELLOW (USA) / Director: Timothy Busfield

THE FAMILY JUMBLE (Italy) / Director: Max Nardari

BETWEEN SISTERS (Italy) / Director: Manu Gerosa

SHU-DE! (USA) / Director: Michael Faulkner




BLIND (USA) / Director: Michael Mailer

BEFORE THE TREES WAS STRANGE (Bahamas) / Director: Derek Burrows


LONDON TOWN (UK) / Director: Derrick Borte

BAZODEE (Trinidad & Tobago): Claire Ince 

MOONLIGHT (USA): Barry Jenkins



THE TEAM (Turkey) / Director: Emre Sahin

THE BLACK LINE (USA/The Bahamas) / Director: Stan Jakubowicz

THE I84 RUNNING (USA) / Director: Greg Lassik

GAME (USA) / Director:  Jeannie Donohoe

KID YAMAKA (USA)  / Director: Matt Ogens



AFTERMATH / Director: Ralf Beyerle


BARBADOS SURFER GIRL (Barbados) / Director: Penelope Hynam

BEFORE ITS TOO LATE (Bahamas) / Director: Christopher Reid

BERNIE & REBECCA (USA) / Director: Melissa Kent

BIPOLAR & CHEESE / Director: Scarlet Perez

BOAT PEOPLE (German, Austria) / Director: Paul Meschuh

CAHIDE’S OPEN MARRIAGE (Turkey) / Director: Ali Kemal Guven

CARL’S PRESENT (Bahamas) / Director: Kevin Taylor

CHOCOLATE CAKE (USA) / Director: Benjamin Shweky

COWBOYS (Spain) / Director: Bernabe Rico

CRIMINALS (USA) / Director: Jib Polhemus

DAISY (UK) / Director: Nancy Paton

FALLING (UK) / Director: Guy Davies

FRAIL (Switzerland) / Director: Ares Ceylan

FROM WHERE THE OPERA SINGS (USA) / Director: Corey Harrell

HAPPILY NEVER AFTER (Netherlands) / Director: Jamille Van Wijngaarden

IRREGULARS (Italy) / Director: Fabio Palmieri

JANUARY (USA) / Director: Craig Pospisil

JUDY’S CHILDREN (USA) / Director: Jacqueline King - Howell

KID YAMAKA (USA) / Director: Matt Ogens

LIKE A B1 (Seoul, Korea) / Director: Kerloch Yann

LILA & VALENTINE (France) / Director: Adrien Lhommedieu

LITTLE SOLDIER (UK) / Director: Stella Corradi

LOST BOY (UK) / Director: Aisha Porter-Christie

LOVE IN THE AGE OF LIKE (Canada) / Director: Theodore Bezaire

RATED (USA) / Director: John Fortson

REPLIKA (Switzerland) / Director: Luc Walpoth

RESERVATIONS FOR THREE (Canada) / Director: Steven Bennett

SALT & LIGHT: MONSIGNOR PRESTON MOSS (Bahamas) / Director: Joan Albury, Kristina McNeil

SHAVASANA (Canada) / Director: Gillian Ferrier

SITUATIONAL (USA) / Director: Scott Simonsen

SMILE (UK) / Director: Carol Younghusband

SWIRL (USA) / Director: Alyx Picard

THE DRUNK: GETTING HOME (UK) / Director: Gabriel Foster

THE DUKE: BASED ON THE MEMOIR (USA) / Director: Max Barbakow

THE FIREFLY GIRLS (USA) / Director: Katie Micay

THE HEM (Italy) / Director: Francesca Sambataro

THE LAND OF EXODUS () / Director: Skinner Myers

THE RAT & THE SNAKE (USA) / Director: Joao Rosa

THE UNFORGIVEN () / Director: Arnon Manor

THE VOICE IN THE HEAD () / Director: Cyrus Trafford

THREE MINUTE WARNING () / Director: Iqbal Mohammed

THREE WOMEN WAIT FOR DEATH () / Director: Isabelle Sieb

TI COQ () / Director: Jeff Maggi

TYRESE GIBSON: SHAME (USA) / Director: Paul Hunter

TWINSBURG (USA) / Director: Joe Garrity

VALUE OVER REPLACEMENT (USA) / Director: Ruben Grijalva

VICTORIA ROSANA MAITE (Chile) / Director: Inaki Velasquez, Pamela Hurtado

WE HAVE EACH OTHER (Ireland) / Director: Naomi Sheridan

WINTERS JOURNEY / Director: Susanne Boeing

YOUTH (USA) / Director:  Brett Marty

ZAAR (USA) / Director: Ibrahim Nada

EAT WHITE DIRT (USA) / Director: Adam Forrester

SOMETIMES (USA) / Director: Kate Sterlin

BOTTOMLESS (USA) / Director: Veronique Vanblaere




The festival is proud to be bringing back the annual Screenwriters Residency Program in Harbour Island. Mentors who make a living working in the industry from around the globe will nurture the 2016 Screenwriters Residents.



“Deadly Colors” Margaret Ford Rogers & Dane Krogman (USA)

“Last Indian War” Michael Graf (USA)

“Man Behind the Boys” Eric Gross (USA)

“Nullify” Greg Johnson (USA)

“P.O.V” Jason Darcy (Bahamas)

“The Darkness of The Moor” James Everett (London)


Mentors Include: Kurt Wimmer, Jib Polhemus, Susan Batten, Christine Swanson, Nate Kohn



BIFF 2016 begins Monday, December 5thin Harbour Island and runs through Thursday December 8thand in Nassau, December 8ththrough to 11th. Venues include Romora Bay Resort & Marina, Pandora, Pirates Republic, Galleria Cinemas JFK, Blanc Du Nil, Fort Stanley and Rawson Square. For additional information please visit or call 242 698-1800


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