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2015 Film Lineup

Nassau, Bahamas – October 26, 2015 – The Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF), celebrating its 12th anniversary and taking place December 1-12, today revealed the lineup of films screening in the festival’s competition and sidebar sections. The program was announced by BIFF Founder and Executive Director Leslie Vanderpool.


This year, the Festival will showcase more than 130 films from 40 different countries including nine international premieres, 28 Caribbean premieres, and all are Bahamian premieres.


The four competition categories at BIFF are Spirit of Freedom: Narrative; Spirit of Freedom: Documentary; New Visions; and Short Film. Additional categories out of competition are World Cinema Narrative and World Cinema Documentary; Caribbean Spotlight Narrative and Caribbean Spotlight Documentary; Comedy; and non-Jury Short Films.


There will be special screenings throughout the Festival of Brian Klugman’s “Baby Baby Baby”, Ben Bowman’s “Knucklehead”, Daryl Wein’s “Consumed”, Julien Leclercq’s “The Crew”, Samuel Benchetrit’s “Asphalte” (Macadam Stories)” and Jean Michel Costeau’s “The Secret Ocean”.


“More than 500 films were submitted to BIFF this year and those films selected shape the festival and its overall global vision,” said Leslie Vanderpool, founder and Executive Director of BIFF. “The Bahamas International Film Festival is one of the world’s leading Caribbean film festivals. As the cultural gateway to the Caribbean, a region that is nascent and erupting for stories to be shared, it is important for BIFF to showcase films that speak to the country, the world and to our souls. Filmmakers expose the audiences to the world, raising social consciousness. The question of freedom of expression is crucial, especially with January’s events in France, the continuing debate over gun control in the USA, and the increasing tensions over immigration and wars of religion and values in Europe and Asia. This is the reason that BIFF is continuing for the 12th year the Spirit Of Freedom category.


“For 12 years, the Bahamas International Film Festival has offered a platform to promote diverse culture, introducing the film industry to our region and providing an economic booster to The Bahamas. The Festival has upgraded the scale of its events and in turn, its social impact through the years, and also helped substantially in promoting cultural exchanges and professional collaborations.”


The official BIFF feature lineup is comprised of the following films:




EADWEARD (Canada) / Director: Kyle Rideout

SHOWING ROOTS (USA) / Director: Michael Wilson

SIN AND ILLY (Germany) / Director: Maria Hengge

THE SLEEPING TREE (Bahrain) / Director: Mohammed Rashed BuAli

unINDIAN (Australia) Director: Anupam SHarma

WILDLIKE (USA) / Director: Frank Hall Green




ALL EYES ALL EARS  (China, USA) / Director: Vanessa Hope

GAZELLE – THE LOVE ISSUE (Brazil) / Director: Cesar Terranova

I AM THALENTE (South Africa) / Director: Natalie Johns

INDIA’S DAUGHTER (India) Director: Leslee Udwin

MY LIFE IN CHINA (USA) Director: Kenneth Eng

QUEEN MIMI (USA) Director: Yaniv Rokah

SPEED SISTERS ( USA/Palestine) Director: Amber Fares

MADINA’S DREAM (Sudan) Director: Andrew Berends

CROCODILE GENNADIY (Ukraine) Director: Steve Hoover


NEW VISIONS (Sponsored by JetBlue Airways)

A BEAUTIFUL NOW (USA) / Director: Daniela Amavia

AFTER THE WEDDING (USA) / Director: Claudia Cifuentes

BAD MOON RISING (Japan) / Director: Hiritaka Asano 

EMPIRICA (USA) / Director: Patrick Shanahan

GOLDEN KINGDOM ( Myanmar ) / Director: Brian Perkins

JACKRABBIT (USA) / Director: Carleton Ranney

JOHNNY WALKER (USA) / Director: Kris De Meester

THE PREPPIE CONNECTION (USA) / Director: Joseph Castelo

SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE (USA) / Director: Lanre Olabisi

THE AMBASSADOR TO BERN (Hungary) / Director” Attila Szasz

THE CENTER (USA) / Director” Charlie Graik

SINGAPORE SLING (Brazil,USA) / Director: Marcus Sigrist

LA EXTRANA (Dominican Republic) / Director: César Rodríguez


WORLD CINEMA NARRATIVE (Sponsored by CornèrTrader)

ANTI SOCIAL (UK) / Director: Reg Traviss

OMBRE (Bulgaria) / Director: Zachary Iliev Paunov

JASMINE (Hong Kong, USA), / Director: Dax Phelan

MEET PURSUIT DELANGE (UK) / Director: Howard Webster

NORTH VS. SOUTH (UK) / Director: Steven Nesbit

REMITTANCE (Singapore, USA) / Director: Joel Fendelman

WEEPAH WAY FOR NOW SOUND (USA) / Director: Stephen Ringer

WHY DO YOU SMELL LIKE THE OCEAN (USA) / Director: Kevin Baggott

LET”S DANCE TO THE RHYTHM (India) / Director: Bardroy Barretto


WORLD CINEMA DOCUMENTARY (Sponsored by CornèrTrader)

GORED (USA, Spain) / Director: Ido Mizrahy

HYDRO (USA) / Directors: Rafa G. Sánchez, Xavi Tello

NEW CAMBODIAN (Cambodia) / Director: Isabella Astengo

WHEN VOICES MEET (South Africa) / Director: Nancy Sutton Smith

EVERY CHILD COUNTS (Canada) / Director: Wendy Loten



BATTLE DREAMS CHRONICLES (Martinique) / Director: Alain Bidard

BAZODEE  (Trinidad & Tobago) / Director: Todd Kessler

STONE SHACKS (Bahamas) / Director: Tyrone Burrows

TRAFFICKED (Trinidad & Tobago) / Director: Sean Hodgkinson



CONGO BEATS THE DRUM (Israel, Jamaica) / Director: Ariel Tagar

DREADLOCKS STORY  (Jamaica) / Director: Linda Aïnouche

EXUMA (Bahamas) / Director: Colin Ruggiero

VANISHING SAIL (The Grenadines) / Director: Alexis Andrews



ART ACHE (USA) / Director: Berty Cadilhac

DEPENDENT’S DAY  (USA) / Director: Michael David Lynch

DRIVING WHILE BLACK (USA)  / Director: Paul Sapiano

IT HAD TO BE YOU (USA) / Director: Sasha Gordon

THE FUNERAL GUEST (USA) / Director: Matthew Kohnen

THE RIGHT JUICE (UK, Portugal) / Director: Kristjan Knigge



In addition, a list of the 94 short films screening at the festival in and out of competition can be found online at


BIFF 2015 kicks off on Tuesday, December 1stand will run through Saturday, December 12th. For the fourth consecutive year, BIFF will be coming to Harbour Island on December 1-4, showcasing ten feature and short films and hosting the Screenwriters Residency Program. BIFF will then screen all short films in a festival-within-a-festival on Governor’s Harbour December 5-8. The Festival then concludes in Nassau with the main program lineup of features and documentaries, along with some select shorts, screening from December 9-12.


Additional announcements pertaining to the Festival and filmmakers attending will be made in the coming weeks.  For additional information, please visit


About the Bahamas International Film Festival


The Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF) is a nonprofit organization committed to providing the local community and international festival-goers with a diverse presentation of films from The Bahamas and around the world. In addition to showcasing films that might not otherwise be released theatrically, BIFF provides unique cultural experiences, educational programs, and forums for exploring the past, present and future of cinema. BIFF aims to raise the level of filmmaking, participation and education throughout The Bahamas and the world. For additional information, please visit

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