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Haven Award Winners

The Haven Awards* are presented to Filmmakers throughout The Bahamas. 

2015 Winners

Best Actress: Richa Sands, The Dates
Best Actor: Matthew Wildgoose, The Dates
Best Short Film: When Pigs Swim
Best Feature: Gentle Giant
Best Director: Gina Rodgers Sealy


The Nominees:
Caliente's Demise” Directed by Jason Evans

Long Con” Directed by Kreimild Saunders

When Pigs Swim” Directed by Charlie Smith

“Cupidity” Directed by Vijay Subramanian

“Truth Among Friends” Directed by Calvin Williams


The Nominees:
Gentle Giant” Directed by Gina Rodgers Sealy

“The Dates” Directed by Jennie Cyril

Nassau Over the Hill” Directed by Rosemary C. Hanna


The Nominees:
Rissie Demeritte, The Dates
Irina Bella Magna, Cupidity
Richa Sands, The Dates
Leslie Ellis Tynes, The Dates


The Nominees:
David Dion, The Dates
Elvardo Lloyd,The Dates
Matthew Wildgoose, The Dates


The Nominees:
Gina Rodgers Sealy, “Gentle Giant
Jennie Cyril, “The Dates”
Rosemary C. Hanna, “Nassau Over the Hill
Jason Evans, “Caliente's Demise
Kreimild Saunders, “Long Con
Charlie Smith, “When Pigs Swim
Vijay Subramanian, “Cupidity”
Calvin Williams, “Truth Among Friends”

* About the Haven Awards (Bahamian Oscar Awards)

Samuel P. (“Sam”) Haven Jr. is a true patriot of things Bahamian.  He was born on the Island of San Salvador, Bahamas on November 22, 1952, the fourth of ten children born to Samuel and Louise Haven (both deceased).  Sam believed that education was the key to success and, to this end, he attained both a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters Degree in business related subjects. He was a banker at heart and forged a career in banking that spanned some 40 years.  He was highly respected as a businessman, banker, mentor, leader and entrepreneur.  Sam was also an He was a banker at heart and forged a career in banking that spanned some 40 years. He was highly respected as a businessman, banker, mentor, leader and entrepreneur.  Sam was also an athlete, excelling in soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, bowling and tennis. He served as an executive in many local and international sporting associations. Sam relocated to Miami, Florida in 1998 to continue his employment in the banking industry and during the period of his residence there, he headed the Bahamian Association, succeeding in bringing together the Bahamians and attempting to keep the Bahamas Pride alive. He returned home to Nassau in 2008 and continued his career in banking. Sam took up an appointment with ScotiaBank (Bahamas) Ltd, and it was in this role that he publicly displayed his support for another of his passions – culture - through his encouragement for the Bank’s support and corporate sponsorship of the Bahamas International Film Festival. His many interests and passions made him a true renaissance man – a father, husband, brother, and friend … and for all that he did, and was, we are grateful.

2015 Haven Jurors:

Julia P. Ames, with a background in dance and choral singing performance in Canada and The Bahamas, and having  organized and assisted with many concerts, events, and and dance productions, Julia has an avid interest in development of the arts, including film, in The Bahamas. She has been a supporter of the BIFF since its inception, and schedules in as many films as she can during the festival on lunch hours, after work and on weekends to get the most out it—having previously been a huge fan of the Toronto International Film Festival when she lived in Toronto. She is a professional graphic designer/illustrator for over 25 years, and designed promotions for many concerts, conferences, events and festivals over the years, including the look of several of the Shakespeare in Paradise festivals. For the past six years, she has donated her expertise as an art director and designer to work with young Bahamian artists to create the poster art that brands the festival. 


Leah Eneas is an entertainer from Nassau, Bahamas. She made her theatrical and dancing debut at the Dundas Centre in Nassau, Bahamas at the age of ten in the musical, All My Chirren, a Bahamian dance parody. Since then, she's attended the prominent HBCU, Fisk University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Dramatics and Speech/Dance. Leah has performed in a number of plays including, "Once on this Island", "The Colored Museum", "Gospel at Colonus", "Ain't Misbehavin'", "Women Talk" by Michael Pintard, and, "You Can Lead a Horse to Water" by Winston Saunders. In May of 2002 Eneas became aware of her comedic talents and co-founded a comedy show called, Da S.P.O.T.  Leah's American feature film debut was, 'Beneath the Blue' in 2009 directed by Michael Sellers. She was the only Bahamian cast with a major speaking role. She's since filmed another American feature named, 'Bahamian Son' which opened the 2013 Bahamas International Film Festival.  Leah isn't only an actress and a personality, she's a singer, too! Eneas started singing publicly in Nashville, Tennessee in the year 2000. Over the years, she's been a lead vocalist in Jazz, R&B, Reggae and Hip Hop bands. She currently sings in Nassau, Bahamas at various events and resorts. In addition to her performing talents, Leah has dabbled in radio for almost ten years, hosts major events and is currently a visual/experienced crochet artist nd crochet clothing designer. She has been crocheting for over 20 years and officially started her company, Late Bloomer Crochet Brand in 2012.  Keep watching this versatile lady. You never know where she'll end up next!

Moya Thompson grew up in Nassau Bahamas. Her first acting role was as a slave in Olemi's Passage (directed by Philip Burrows 1992). However she did not get fully started in acting until attending the College of The Bahamas, when she was a part of a comedy improvisation group called Dramatic Force. She later ventured into filmmaking and  decided to study at Colombus College Chicago in 2003, where she penned her first short film titled "Babygirl". In 2005, she continued with comedy improvisation work as a part of a local group known as Da Spot. This group was kind of like a Bahamian version of Saturday Night Live. In December 2005 she was also selected to be a part of the first Screenwriting Residency Program of the Bahamas International Film Festival. Aside from "Olemi's Passage" (1992), she  has performed in several local stage productions. These include: "If You Were Joseph" (2002)  a Bahamian spin on the Christmas story, directed by local playwright/poet/author Michael Pintard "You Can Lead A Horse To Water" (2006) "The Children's Teeth" (2008) both directed by Philip Burrows for Ringplay Productions; "Woman Take Two"  written by Telcine Turner and directed by David Burrows Along with the film group BIFG she directed, her first 17 minute short film "Full Circle" (2007) and also cast for the group's hour long films "Changes" (2008) "Missing Maggie" (2011). Her film acting credits include the feature film "Rain" (2007) by Bahamian filmmaker Maria Govan (which presently runs on Showtime), the film "The Incident" by playwright/lecturer Ian Strachan (yet to be released) and "Windjammers" by filmmakers Kareem Mortimer and Ric Von Maur. In 2012 she serves as the Production Coordinator/Writer for Season 3 of the Television Reality Series BTC Starmaker; and again on Episode 1 for Season 5 in 2014. She is the CEO of her own Production Company C2it Productions which hosts FilMAD -  a film, art and drama camp for kids/teens in the Summer and teaches kids/teens the basics in acting and filmmaking.  Through her company she also directed and produced a stage production "Das A Wibe" that opened in December 2007 at The Diplomat Center and  then later in April 2008 at the National Center for the Performing Arts. In January 2013, her 8 episode family comedy series "It Takes A Village" premiered on Cable 12.

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