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Competition Categories:

Spirit of Freedom: Narrative & documentary

BIFF has held Spirit of Freedom as one of its themed categories since it's very first festival, eight years ago. Each film in this program explores the potential of the human spirit and how freedom affects - or is absent from - our lives.  


Our New Visions competition is a showcase for emerging artists, providing festival audiences with the opportunity to discover the next generation of visionary filmmakers. A Grand Jury Prize will be presented to the New Vision film category.  

Short Films

A short film is 31 minutes or less and often the only place where young filmmakers have the chance to explore story telling through cinema. Film Festivals are one of the few venues where multiple short films can experienced. BIFF is pleased to present one of the most interesting and diverse lineups of short films. A Grand Jury Prize will be presented to the Short film category.

Joel Zito Araujo

Juror | Spirit Of Freedom Narrative & Documentary

• Filmmaker, director, writer, and executive producer of feature films, documentaries, television shows, and educational videos.

• Since 1984, has produced 26 films: 4 feature films, 2 short fiction films and 25 short documentaries films, several of which have been awarded prizes or selected for film festivals.

• Director and Creator of the full-length films: “Raça”, “Denying Brazil”, “Daughters of the Wind”, “Cinderellas, Wolves, and One Enchanted Prince”.

• PhD in Communication Science from the Escola de Comunicações  e Artes, University of São Paulo, 1999.

• Postdoctoral Fellow and Visiting Professor in the Department of Radio-TV-Film, the Department of Anthropology, and the Center for African & African American Studies, University of Texas at Austin (August 2001-May 2002).

• Pedagogic Coordinator of the Lato Sensu Graduate Film Program at the Cuiabá University and MISC (Cuiabá Image and Sound Museum) in Cuiabá – Brazil (October 2006 – October 2008).

• Pedagogic Coordinator of the Lato Sensu Graduate Film Program at the M_EIA (International Art Institute) in Mindelo – Cape Verde (January – June 2011).
• Curator of the Encontro de Cinema Negro Zózimo Bulbul – Brazil, Africa e Caribe - in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil/ the Brazil, Africa and Caribbean Black Film Festival.

• President of the Brazilian Filmmakers Association (2006-2007). Delegate from African Diaspora invited by FEPACI – Federation Pan-African Cinema (2013).





• “Daughters Of The Wind” [Filhas do Vento] (92 min., 35mm, 2005)

Despite this racial and cultural atmosphere, this is a tale of redemption involving four black women who, on a special day in their lives, will dig up and mull over their life-stories in order to restore, without the barriers of race and creed, the maternal and fraternal love between mothers, sisters and daughters.

- Screenplay awarded by National Concurrence of feature film of the Ministry of Culture. December/2001.  World Premiere:  June,  23rd  2004 at  The Museum of Modern Art Film Festival - New York.

“Daughters of the Wind” received:

8 awards at the most important Brazilian film festival, the 32nd Gramado Film Festival – 2004 (August).

- Best director/jury, 

- Best actor/jury
- Best actress/jury
- Best supporting actress / jury
- Best supporting actor / jury
- Best film / Critics Review.

Best Film Award at the 8th Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes. Minas Gerais, Brazil. Jan/2005.

Best Full-Length Script at the 2nd Paratycine – Festival de Cinema de Paraty. 2005.Brazil.

Best actor and best actress at the Festival de Cinema de Macapa, 2005. Brazil.


Screenings selected:

Festival Internacional de Cinema do Rio de Janeiro (outubro/2004)

Cape Town World Cinema Festival – nov/2004

35THInternational Film Festival of India – dez/2004

3 Continents Human Rights Festival 2004- Bombaim/India

7eFestival du Cinema Bresilien de Paris – 2005.

7eFestival Ecrans Noirs – Camaroon. 2005.

Brasilcine Gottemburg 2005

2005 Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival

13th New York African Diaspora Film Festival, 2005.

Mostra Itinerante de Cinema Brasileiro 2005 (Argentina, Chile e México), organizado pelo Ministério das Relações Exteriores.

13èmes édition du Festival FEMI – Guadaloupe. 2006

2º. CINEPORT 2006 – Fest. Cinema Paises Lingua Portuguesa, Lagos – Portugal. 2006.

The 2nd UK Brasilian Film Festival – Londres. Set/2006

Festival du film Brésilien – Bruxelas, Set/2006.

Third Brazilian Film Festival – Nicosia, Chipre. Out/2006

Festival de Cinema Ibero-americano de Argel – Argélia. Nov/2006.

Santa Barbara Film Festival, Feb. 3, 2006

19º. Rencontres Cinemas d’Amerique Latine de Tolouse, mar2007.

The Women of Color Arts & Film (WOCAF) Festival, Atlanta,GA. 2007

Johns Hopkins Film Festival 2007. Baltimore,EUA.

Festival International du Film Panafricain, Cannes,  2008.

“Cinema of Brazil: Afro-Brazilian Perspectives”. Org. Barbican Film & Embassy of Brazil in London. Out/2008.

Brasilianisches Film Festival (CineBrasil) – Salzburg, Jena, Berlin, Hamburg, Lubeck, Wurzburg, Bern. Nov.2008.

CAK´s(Center for afrikansk kulturformidling)  fourth annual film festival - Oslo, Noruega (Set/2011)

Atlanta 2011 - Brazil Fest. Atlanta,USA (Set/2011)



• “Raça” (106 min - HD, 2012).

-       Raça captures the unfolding struggle for racial equality in Brazil. With the world’s second largest black population and a reputation for racial harmony, black Brazilians remain nearly absent in the halls of power and history books.  The film follows three people on the front lines of this modern battle for equality.

-       Full-length documentary co-produced with the North American production company Principe Productions Inc. (New York). Directed by Joel Zito Araujo and Megan Mylan (Oscar Winner for Best Short Documentary 2009).
- World Premiere as Hors Concurs at the 2012 Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival (October 10th, 2012).
- Selected at the FESPACO 2013 – Pan African Film Festival of Ouagadougou (February 2013).

-       Selected at the 35 Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano -  sessão LATINOAMÉRICA EN PERSPECTIVA. Havana/Cuba - Dez/2013.

-       Selected at the Toulouse Cinelatino Film Festival 2014


• “Cinderellas, Wolves And One Enchanted Prince” [Cinderelas, Lobos e Um Príncipe Encantado] (107 min., HD, 2008)

- Full-length documentary about sexual tourism and the exploitation of African-Brazilian women.

-       Best Full-Length Documentary prize (from audience) and Honorable Mention from Jury at the VII Mostra Vidas na Tela – Natal. 2009.

-       Best Film Award and Best Director Award at the 9th Iberoamerican Film Festival of Sergipe (Curta-SE 9)-2009.

-       Best Full-Length Documentary prize (from audience) and Honorable Mention from Jury at the VII Mostra Vidas na Tela – Natal. 2009.

-       Honorable Mentionat theX Brasilia Int’l Film Festival 2008. November/2008

Screenings selected:

-       Brazil Premiere: The 10th Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival. Octuber/2008.

-      Film exhibition,A Look into the Abuse and Harassment of Children and Adolescents,part of‘TheIII World Congress against the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents’.Rio de Janeiro. November/2008.

-       II Encontro de Cinema Negro Brasil-África-América Latina. Rio de Janeiro- Nov.2008

-       Fespaco – Burkina Fasso (Mostra Brazil). 2009.

-       Real Life Documentary: A Pan-African Festival Of Documentary – Ghana

-       2ndBrazilian Film Festival of Vancouver – 2009.

-       The Museum of Modern Art – New York - Premiére Brazil 2009.

-       Dockanema – International Documentary Film Festival. Maputo-Moçambique.

-       V Mostra Produção Independente – Cinema em Negro Negro, Vitória,ES– 2009.

-        Premiere Brazil Berlim 2009. At the House of World Cultures, Berlim - Germany.

-       20º. Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano. 2009 (mostra paralela)

-       III Brazilian Film Week - Première Brazil Washington-DC. USA.

-       Pan African Film & Arts Festival February,2010. Los Angeles,CA. USA.

-       Festival Internacional de Cinema de Luanda, 2010.

-       Tarifa African Film Festival 2011- Espanha.


Denying Brazil [A Negação do Brasil] (91 min., 35 mm, 2001)

– The history of black actors in Brazilian soap operas. Full-length documentary  film about prejudices, taboos and the evolution of black characters  in Brazilian soap operas.

Script awarded a prize in the Ministry of Culture’s 1999 National Documentary Competition.

Best Brazilian Film Award at the 6th International Documentary Festival “É Tudo Verdade”, São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro, 2001.

Best Research Award at the 6th International Documentary Festival “It´s All True - É Tudo Verdade,” São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro, 2001.

Quanta Prize for the best Brazilian documentary – “It´s All True - É Tudo Verdade,” São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro, 2001.

Gilberto Freire Film” prize at the 5th Recife Film Festival, 2001.

Best Full-Length Documentary Script ” prize at the 5th Recife Film Festival, 2001.

Screenings selected:

Festival Internacional do Documentário e Novos Media do Porto – Odisséia nas Imagens – Porto, Portugal. 2001.

New York African Diaspora Film Festival, 2001.

I Muestra de Cine e Video Documental de Madrid, 2001.

Festival Internacional de Cinema RIO BR 2001.

The 10th Annual Pan African Film Festival – Los Angeles, CA USA. Fev/2002.

5th Annual Internacional Festival of New Cinema of the Americas. Austin,Texas. Abril/2002.

Habana Film Festival / Festiva Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano. 2001

Festival International de Biarritz – Le Prix Union Latine du Film Documentaire – outubro/2002.

Mostra Brazil on Film – Novo Cinema Novo. Londres. 19/out/2002.

FESPACO – PanAfrican Film Festival of Ouagadougou  2003. Burkina Faso.

3 Continents Human Rights Festival (2003)- Johannesburg -South Africa

7e Festival Ecrans Noirs – Camarões. 2005.

Cycle 3 Villes do Brasil – Fórum dês Images / Paris. 2005.

The 2nd UK Brasilian Film Festival – Londres. Set/2006

Festival du film Brésilien – Bruxelas, Set/2006.

Mostra de Cinema Negro de Cuiabá - 2006.

19º. Rencontres Cinemas d’Amerique Latine de Tolouse, mar2007.

Orumilá Zumbi Mostra Cinema IBRIT Milano – Itália. Nov 2008.





The Ephemeral Union State of Jehovah [O Efêmero Estado União de Jeová] (62 min.) 1999.

– Full-length documentary for television about the short messianic dream of Udelino de Matos, who tried to form a campestral state with an African-Brazilian population in the north of Espírito Santo in the 50’s. Co-production with TV Gazeta (Rede Globo), Espírito Santo – Brazil.



• “Mirror” [Espelho] (25 min. Episodes) 2013
- Director of the 2013 season (26 shows) of short documentaries and interviews about Brazilian culture.


“Afro-Diaspora Trails” [Nas Trilhas da Afro-Diáspora]

-       During slavery, Africans were taken from their continent and sent around the world, creating what is known as the African Diaspora. In this series, we will discover that, despite of their oppressive condition, they kept their traditions, developed new creative forms of expression and new life styles inspired in the cultures of their ancestors.

-       Director: Joel Zito Araujo

-        Script Writer and Executive Producer: Joel Zito Araujo and Sheila Walker

-       Episode 1: Minas Gerais, Brazil

-       Episode 2: Esmeraldas, Equador



  Class Memories [ Memórias de Classe ] (50 min.)

Best Script prize Ford/Anpocs Festival, Rio de Janeiro, 1989.

Almerinda, a woman of thirty [Almerinda, uma mulher de trinta] (20 min.)

Prize for best documentary on Brazilian history at the Maranhão State Guarnicê Film & Video Festival, 1992. Screening selected to Habana Film Festival / Festiva Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano. 1991

Black and white portrait [Retrato em Preto e Branco] (16 min.)

documentary on the media and race relations in Brazil selected for several festivals overseas, including:

I Montre Européenne de Videos Latino-Américains, France, 1993.

Chicago Latin Film Festival, USA, 1994.

IV Encontro Latino Americano de Vídeo, Peru, Nov., 1993.

The exception and the rule [A Exceção e a Regra] (30 min.)

Documentary about how the Brazilian legal system treats victims of racism.

Festival Nacional de Vídeo “Brasilidade,” organised by the Rio de Janeiro Modern Art Museum (MAM) Film Archive & the Göethe Institut, Rio de Janeiro, 1997.

  Movement – Adolescents and art for Human Rights [Movimento – O adolescente e a arte pelos Direitos Humanos] (25 min.)

a cultural experiment in Salvador (Bahia). Made for UNICEF, 1998.

  White waves in black pupils [ Ondas Brancas nas Pupilas Negras ] (20 min.)educational video on the image of blacks in the media, 1995.

Me, Black Woman [Eu, Mulher Negra] (30 min.)

educational documentary video on the health of black women made for CEBRAP, 1994.





A Negação do Brasil – o negro na história da telenovela brasileira [Denying Brazil – blacks in the history of Brazilian soap operas]. São Paulo: Ed. Senac, Nov. 2000, 323 pp.


O Negro na TV Pública [The Black People on Brazilian PBS]. Brasília: Fund. Palmares, Set.2010.



Um espetáculo que não quer parar [A show that does not want to stop], O Estado de São Paulo daily, Caderno 2, 6th July 2001, p. D3.


Grande Otelo, o pequeno notável [Grande Otelo, the remarkable small guy], Raça Brasil journal, Ed. Símbolo, n. 53, Ano 06, Jan. 2001.



O Negro na TV: já dá para comemorar o fim do preconceito? In: Caros Amigos Magazine. XV Year – Special Media #52, April 2011.


Mídia e produções de subjetividade: questões do racismo – In: Mídia e Psicologia: produção de subjetividade e coletividade/Conselho Federal de Psicologia. – Brasília: Conselho Federal de Psicologia, 2009. 


O Negro na dramaturgia, um caso exemplar da decadência do mito da democracia racial brasileira. Feminist Studies Magazine/ Santa Catarina Federal University. Philosophy and Human Sciences Department, Communication and Expression Department. V. 16, n. 3/ 2008. Florianópolis: UFSC, pg. 979-985.


The Afro-Brazilian mind: contemporary Afro-Brazilian literary and cultural criticism. O Negro na Telenovela Brasileira: Uma Síntese / edited by Niyi Afolobi, Márcio Barbosa, & Esmeralda Ribeiro. Pgs 257-270. Africa World Press, Inc. Trenton, NJ. 2007.


Le noir dans les feuilletons televises. In: Cinémas d’amérique latine – Revue annuelle de l’Association Rencontres Cinemas d’Amerique Latine de Tolouse-(ARCAL). - no. 15. pags 17-27. 2007


A Força de um desejo: a persistência da branquitude como padrão estético audiovisual. Revista USP, no. 69 – maio/junho/julho 2006.


Televisão e Racismo [Television and racism],  Tempo e Presença journal, n. 315, Rio de Janeiro: Ed. Koinonia, Jan.-Feb., 2001.


Identidade Racial e Estereótipos sobre o Negro na TV Brasileira [Racial identity and stereotypes about blacks on Brazilian TV] In: Guimarães, A.S.A. & Huntley, Lynn (org.) Tirando a Máscara: Ensaios sobre o Racismo no Brasil. Rio de Janeiro: Paz e Terra, 2000.


Por uma Estratégia para a Inserção dos Afro-Brasileiros na Mídia [Towards a strategy for including Afro-Brazilians in the media] In: Anais do Seminário Ética e Estética Multiracial Brasil-África do Sul. Seminar held in Brasilia and São Paulo on 16th & 17th December 1996. Brasilia: Fundação Cultural Palmares /Ministério da Cultura, 1997.


Estratégias e Políticas de Combate à Discriminação Racial na Mídia [Strategies and policies for combating racial discrimination in the media] In: Estratégias e Políticas de Combate à Discriminação Racial (Org. Kabengele Munanga). São Paulo: Edusp/Estação Ciência, 1996.


TV e Identidade Negra diante da Mundialização da Cultura [TV and black identity in the context of the globalisation of culture] In: Intercom 95 – Congresso Brasileiro de Ciências da Comunicação (Annals): 18, 1995.


Ondas Brancas nas Pupilas Negras [White waves in black pupils]. Teoria e Debate journal, n. 23. São Paulo: Dec.93-Feb.94.

Trent Berry

Juror | Spirit Of Freedom Narrative & Documentary

Lisa Chanoff

Juror | New Visions

Lisa Kleiner Chanoff is co-founder of Catapult Film Fund (catapultfilmfund.org), which awards development grants to help launch documentary film projects covering a broad spectrum of issues, topics, and perspectives. Lisa, together with filmmaker Bonni Cohen, started Catapult in 2010 to provide impactful funding for documentary filmmakers with compelling stories to tell, and who are ready to begin fundraising for their projects. Catapult grants enable filmmakers to develop their films at an early but crucial stage, where funding can be otherwise hard to find.


Catapult grantees include: E-TEAM, Cinematography Award winner at Sundance 2014; THE OVERNIGHTERS, winner of the Special Jury Award for Intuitive Filmmaking at Sundance 2014; THE LAST SEASON, winner of the Golden Gate Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival; CALL ME KUCHU, which took top prizes at Berlinale; Oscar-winner Freida Mock's ANITA, which premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival; THE GENIUS OF MARIAN, which premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival; REMOTE AREA MEDICAL, which premiered at the Full Frame Documentary Festival; and THE KILL TEAM, winner of the award for Best Documentary Feature at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival and the Golden Gate Award at the San Francisco International Festival. With Bonni Cohen, Chanoff Executive Produced ART AND CRAFT, which premiered at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival. Lisa is a Co-Executive Producer of FRUITVALE STATION, which won both the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award for U.S. Dramatic Film at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, and is an Executive Producer of the documentary WATCHERS OF THE SKY.


Before founding Catapult, Lisa practiced law in San Francisco and with the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice in Washington, DC. After leaving law practice, Lisa received a master’s degree in Museum Studies and worked with several museums in the San Francisco Bay Area, including the Contemporary Jewish Museum, to design exhibitions and education programs.


Lisa has a long history of philanthropic involvement in education and the arts, as well as health and poverty issues. Lisa’s passion for early venture support has led to pivotal first funding of projects, ranging from poverty alleviation and education work in the San Francisco area to a school for girls and community center in the Kibera slum of Nairobi.


Lisa currently serves on the boards of Working Films and the San Francisco Film Society.


Bruno Chatelin

Filmmaker Residency Program

My background: Business School, Ad Agencies, Distributor, and digital pioneer and entrepreneur.
Founder of filmfestivals.com  Major Buzz Factory (Film marketing consulting) and Emotion Film Factory (film production)


Bruno Chatelin, french Business School HEC alumni, began his marketing career with the largest international Advertising Agencies: Publicis, DMM Masius and JWT, handling accounts such as Kellog’s, Unilever, Colgate Palmolive, Mars Foods, Mastercard...


Former film distributor  

He started in 1985 working for Sony and UGC FOX in France (Marketing Director and Managing Director) He has launched over 200 films and has worked closely with key creative talents.
To name just a few: Claude Lelouch, Costa Gavras, Terry Giliam (3 films: Baron Munchausen, 12 Monkeys, Fisher King), Stephen Frears, Keneth Branagh, James Ivory (2 films: Remains of the Day…), Francis Coppola (Dracula), Steven Spielberg (Hook), Woody Allen (3 films: Alice…), Sean Penn, Tom Hanks (3 films: Philadelphia…), Al Pacino, Scorsese, Michael Bay, Roland Emmerich, Schwarzenegger (3 films: Total Recall, T2, Last Action Hero), Stallone (4 films : Rambo 2/3, Cliffhanger…  ), Van Damme (2) and many more.


After Sony he merged 20th Century Fox with UGC in 1995 and quickly put the company in the N° 2 position on the market


Online pioneer

He co founded filmfestivals.com and fest21.com which regularly partner with the largest festivals (Cannes, Mifed, Toronto, Locarno, Venice…) and has served over 6.000 festivals worldwide and a community of 370 000 unique monthly visitors, and newsletter subscribers base of 178 000.

The company was one of VOD international pioneers (2001) and has opened a film and festival matchmaking community leading the way of many digital new developments in the industry.


He runs a consulting boutique Major Buzz Factory
Specialized in online marketing for the entertainment (film, music mostly), websites design and animation and web 2.0 actions  


He founded the production company  Emotion Film Factory and left it to develop his own film projects via MBF
Producer of Ensemble (16 minutes short on the Imam from the Mosque de Paris) who saved 1600 Jews during WW2)by M. Fekrane) which won the Banlieuz’ Art top prize at 2011 Cannes Film Festival.


Marketing and Sales Agent consultant  

I have been in charge of many film sales including Anton Chekhov’s The Duel by Donald Rosenfeld (Executive producer of The Tree of Life, Cannes Palme d’Or…), Sweet Mud, Late Fragment, Les Petites Vacances, Hats Off, Ensemble, Revolution by Rob Stewart…


European Film Academy

A member of the Academy since 1990, he served as Board Member 2012 2013

Founded in 1988, the European Film Academy now unites 3,000 European film professionals with the common aim of promoting Europe’s film culture.

Every year, the various activities of the European Film Academy culminate in the ceremony of the European Film Awards which are presented jointly with EFA Productions gGmbH. In a total of 21 categories, among them European Film, European Director, European Actress and European Actor, the European Film Awards annually honour the greatest achievements in European cinema.

The awards ceremony takes place in Berlin every second year. In the other years, the Awards travel: London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Tallinn and Malta.

The 26th European Film Awards took place in Berlin on 7 December 2013. This year's 27th European Film Awards will take place in Riga on 13 December.


Bruno Chatelin is Advisory Board Member 

The Chelsea Film Festival 

The Bahamas International Film Festival 
The International Film Festival Summit  
ANIMAZE Montreal Animation International Film Festival


Jury member in many important film events.

Jury President ofDeir-el-Qamarshort film festival in Lebanon

President and Producer of Fastrack 2005 Students International Short Film Competition in Cherbourg

Co Producer and co chair of the European Holywood Awards with Paula Wagner and Carlos de Abreu, Los Angeles

Jury member at several festivals FunchalFestival Pris de Courts Paris, Fantasporto Porto, ECU, CINERGIA Lodz , Bahamas International Film Festival 2012, Regiofun Katowice 2013… 


Panelist and moderator

Club Culture et Cinéma   « Valorisation du cinéma d'auteur, indépendant, et du patrimoine cinématographique »

Cannes Festival 2004-2011 Partner of Marché du Film - Producer of the “Future of Cinema Salon”  series of panels

Cannes Short Film Corner : marketing independent film 

Locarno Festival 2008 Official Partner - Producer of the “Future of Cinema Salon” series of panels”

Bahamas International Film Festival Marketing, Distribution and Festivals

FAS Screen Training Ireland: Screen Leaders “Which business models” 

Moderator and speaker at festival forums in Zombathely, Vilnius, Katowice, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Paris Las Vegas and Austin  editions of the Interniational Film Festival Summit…


Académie des Cesar

A member since 1987.
The French Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques is the institution that is dedicated to french films and those who make them and that organises this third route to recognition in France.


International Film Festival Summit Advisory Board Member

Las Vegas & Film festival Summit Europe

panelist and moderator: Film Festivals: Innovative Use of Digital Technologies, Media & Film Festivals: Roles and Relationships, Harness the Power of the Internet, Funding & Sponsorships: How to Get It, How to Keep Them Coming Back …



Laurie Gordon

Filmmaker Residency Program

Matthew Helderman

Filmmaker Residency Program

Janyne Hodder

Juror | Short Film

A former President of The College of The Bahamas, Janyne Hodder is a leader in higher education, in education and in public administration. A Canadian citizen with permanent residency in The Bahamas, she began her professional career as a primary school teacher in The Bahamas, and has since effectively led institutions in Canada and in the Bahamas and worked with staff, students, community and volunteer groups, administrative boards, the private sector and governments with a focus on developing a shared vision, establishing performance goals, creating effective management teams and ensuring sound financial management.   She currently works as an independent consultant with a strong interest in strategic planning, accountability, programme evaluation and the development of a culture of philanthropy.  She has served on many boards in the sectors of education, health, arts and culture and the environment. She is the recipient of an honorary doctorate from Bishop’s University in Canada and the Queen’s Jubilee medal in recognition of her service to communities.  Throughout her career, she has maintained a major interest as hobby photographer and is an enthusiastic film viewer.  

Nate Kohn

Filmmaker Residency Program

Tivi Magnusson

Juror | Spirit Of Freedom Narrative & Documentary

Claus Mueller

Juror | Short Film

Sean Nottage

Juror | Short Film

Ryan Scott Stubbs

Juror | New Vision

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