Competition Categories:


BIFF has held Spirit of Freedom as one of its themed categories since it's a very first festival.  Each film in this program explores the potential of the human spirit and how freedom affects - or is absent from - our lives.   


Our New Visions competition is a showcase for emerging artists, providing festival audiences with the opportunity to discover the next generation of visionary filmmakers. A Grand Jury Prize will be presented to the New Vision film category.   


A short film is 31 minutes or less and often the only place where young filmmakers have the chance to explore storytelling through cinema. Film Festivals are one of the few venues where multiple short films can experience. BIFF is pleased to present one of the most interesting and diverse lineups of short films. A Grand Jury Prize will be presented to the Short film category.

Screenwriters residency program

Screenwriters will be mentored by industry professionals and judged for a Grand Jury Cash Prize


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