Dons Of Disco

Genre: Music Documentary

Cast: Tom Hooker, Stefano Zandri, Miki Chieregato, Roberto Turrati

A lip-syncing scandal pits an American singer against an Italian male model over the legacy of 1980s 'Italo Disco' star Den Harrow. / Caribbean Premiere /  Film Trailer

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Jonathan Sutak

Italy, United States / 2018, 86 mins

Saturday, December 14 / 5:30pm

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Free Men

Genre: Political Documentary

Cast: Kenneth Reams (featuring Johnny Depp)

Sentenced to death, Kenneth Reams has survived decades of imprisonment in complete isolation. Love and art have freed him from his chains. He found a purpose in life, when all signs of hope seemed lost. / Caribbean Premiere

Film Trailer

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Anne-Frédérique Widmann

United States, Switzerland / 2018, 78 mins

Friday, December 13 / 1:45pm

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The Raven And The Segull

Genre: Social Political Documentary

Cast: Nukaaka Coster-Waldau, Aannguaq Hansen, Vivi Nielsen, Angunnguaq Larsen

The relationship between Greenland and Denmark is shaped by colonialism, subjugation and dependence. The film sets out to dispel some of the myths and prejudices that persist to this day, even as Greenland is moving ever closer to independence. / Caribbean Premiere / FILM TRAILER

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Lasse Lau

Denmark, Greenland / 2019, 70 mins

Friday, December 13 / 12:00pm

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The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion

Genre: Music Documentary, Fashion

Cast: Misa Hylton, April Walker, Dapper Dan, Kerby Jean-Raymond

As hip hop music was taking off in the late 80s and 90s, associated fashion trends and styles were also making their voice heard. And both were largely dominated by men. But as the voices of Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliot, and Lil’ Kim grew louder, so too did the influence of their female designers and stylists working behind the scenes. / Caribbean Premiere

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Lisa Cortés, Farah X

USA / 2019, 67 mins

Friday, December 13 / 9:00pm

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Genre: Documentary, Adventure

A young man sets off to the forest in search of the simple life of 'uncivilized' man, but when Category 5 Hurricane Maria strikes his island, his project takes on new meaning as everyone is sent back to 'primitive living'. What lessons will Michael and his comrades learn as they fight to survive in a post-disaster world. / Bahamas Premiere / Film Trailer

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Michael Lees

Dominica / 2019, 71 mins

Sunday, December 15 / 11:15am

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