Cosplay Universe

Cosplay Universe explores the rise of the global Comic Con sub-culture and evolution of Cosplay; the art form of becoming a character that you love. The film follows the journey of several international cosplay teams as they compete in what is known as the 'Olympics of Cosplay' at the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya, Japan.

* World Premiere

Dress up as your favorite Comic character if you dare!


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Jonathan McHugh, Jordan Rennert

United States / 2017, 84 mins

Wednesday, December 5 / 8:30pm

Four Days In May

FOUR DAYS IN MAY:  WEST KINGSTON 2010 is a collaborative,, experimental documentary that focuses on the 2010 State of Emergency in West Kingston, Jamaica, during which the military and police forces attempted to apprehend Christopher "Dudus" Coke, who had been ordered for extradition to the United States, in the process killing at least 75 civilians.

*Caribbean Premiere

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Deanne M. Bell, Junior "Gabu" Wedderburn, and Deborah A. Thomas

Jamaica, United States / 2018, 40 mins

Wednesday, November 28 / 1:00pm

Friday, November 30 / 2:00pm


Once they move into the ideal neighborhood, a couple's dream of starting a family slowly shatters before their eyes as they descend into the depths of paranoia and must struggle to survive a specter that wants nothing more than their very own lives.

*Caribbean Premiere


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Robert Heydon

Canada / 2018, 80 mins

Friday, November 30 / 9:30pm

Tuesday, December 4 / 8:00pm

LADDIE: The Man Behind The Movies

LADDIE is one daughter's journey to discover her father, Alan Ladd, Jr, the quiet studio head and producer behind such iconic films as STAR WARS, ALIEN, BLADE RUNNER, CHARIOTS OF FIRE, POLICE ACADEMY AND YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN. Amanda Ladd-Jones' quest leads her to understand her father as the man that he is and the impact he's had on American Cinema. 

*Caribbean Premiere


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Amanda Ladd-Jones

United States / 2017, 83 mins

Wednesday, December 5 / 3:30pm

Meerkat Moonship

Timid, wildly imaginative 13-year-old Gideonette de La Rey learns that the name she was given comes with it a horrible curse.

* Caribbean Premiere


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Hanneke Schutte

South Africa / 2017, 96 mins

Wednesday, November 28 / 11:00am

Saturday, December 1 / 12:30pm

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