An amateur photographer, who works as a skycap at Salt Lake City Airport, documents for the last 15 years the disappearing way of life of Cuba’s tobacco farmers, forging friendships and capturing dignity while introducing us to a captivating cast of characters.

*Caribbean Premiere


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Mia Tate

United States / 2018, 90 mins

Friday, November 30 / 7:30pm

Monday, December 3 / 3:00pm

Jamaica Man

JAMAICA MAN is a subjective documentary profile of British expat Nigel Pemberton. Directed by Michael Weatherly, this biographical picaresque is a highly stylized and unconventional portrait of a raconteur nearing the end of his life.

*Caribbean Premiere


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Michael Weatherly

Jamaica, United States / 2018, 65 mins

Thursday, November 29 / 5:30pm

Friday, November 30 / 2:00pm

Tuesday, December 4 / 6:00pm

Letter from Masanjia

When a woman in Oregon opens a box of Halloween decorations and finds a distressing letter written by a political prisoner from inside a Chinese labour camp, her discovery makes waves across major news outlets worldwide. 

*Caribbean Premiere


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Leon Lee

Canada / 2018, 75 mins

Thursday, November 29 / 1:30pm

Saturday, December 1 / 2:30pm

Say Her Name The Life and Death of Sandra Bland

In 2015, Sandra Bland, a politically active 28-year-old black woman from Chicago was arrested for a traffic violation in a small Texas town.  Three days later, Sandra was found hanging from a noose in her jail cell.  Though ruled a suicide, her death sparked allegations of racially-motivated police murder and Sandra became a poster child for police brutality and the BLM Movement, leaving millions to question 'What really happened to Sandra Bland?' 

The filmmakers worked closely with the family's legal team starting ten days after Sandra's death, tracking the two-year battle between Sandra's aggrieved family and a trio of small-town Texas authorities.  Filled with disturbing, never-before-told revelations about the case, the film is also punctuated by Sandra’s own passionate video blogs which call out racism in law enforcement, and eerily foreshadow her own death.  

Part legal thriller, part parable about race in America, SAY HER NAME takes viewers deep inside a story that came to polarize the nation.

*International Premiere


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Kate Davis, David Heilbroner

United States / 2018, 105 mins

Friday, November 30 / 4:00pm

Saturday, December 1 / 4:15pm


WRESTLE is an intimate and nuanced documentary that follows the wrestling team at JO Johnson High School in Huntsville, which has been on Alabama's failing schools list for many years. As they fight their way towards the State Championship and the doors they hope it will open, wrestlers Jailen, Jamario, Teague, and Jaquan each face injustices and challenges on and off the mat.

* Caribbean Premiere

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Suzannah Herbert

United States / 2018, 96 mins

Wednesday, November 28 / 11:00am

Saturday, December 1 / 1:00pm

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