Sofia is a deluxe escort. Jano a successful entrepreneur.The night that Jano visits Sofia's apartment, we find that neither is what they seem.

*Caribbean Premiere


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Alejo moreno

Spain / 2018, 101 mins

Thursday, November 29 / 10:00pm

Five Fingers From Marseilles

Lives change forever when Tau, the young lion, kills two corrupt policemen in a South African shanty town.

*Caribbean Premiere


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Michael Matthews

South Africa / 2017, 118 mins

Saturday, December 1 / 6:00pm

In Reality

Ann is consumed by the fantasy of finding true love. Just when she thinks she's found it, she is friend-zoned. The disappointment of rejection sends her into an obsessive downward spiral that tests the limits of her sanity and the strength of her closest friendship.

*Caribbean Premiere


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Ann Raffaela Lupo

United States / 2018, 83 mins

Thursday, November 29 / 3:00pm

Friday, November 30 / 5:45pm

Shooting in Vain

A look at the heroin epidemic sweeping America, told through the eyes of a struggling artist who lost the love of his life.

*Caribbean Premiere


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Jared Januschka

United States / 2018, 92 mins

Wednesday, November 28 / 4:30pm

Saturday, December 1 / 2:30pm

The Reverse Diaries

A novelist Rihito Shiraishi meets Saki Honda, a somewhat eccentric woman and triggered by reading her diary,  Shiraishi recognizes that their encounter was not a coincidence.

*Caribbean Premiere


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Shin Sonoda

Japan / 2018, 98 mins

Thursday, November 29 / 3:10pm

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