Earthy Encounters

Family, Action - Adventure

15-year-old Kyle’s believes he can save his dying older brother with a plant he’s found in the garden centre he works at – problem is, there’s a shadowy government agency out to destroy it first.

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Sam Johnson

United Kingdom / 2017, 22 mins

Thursday, December 14 / 7:00pm

Green Days By The River


In 1952 Trinidad, an ambitious Black village boy struggling with poverty and his sick father finds solace in a wealthy Indian farmer and his captivating daughter, until he falls for a city girl, and discovers the scheming entrapment of his solace that would shatter his love life and manhood.


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Michael Mooleedhar

Trinidad & Tobago / 2017, 102 mins

Tuesday, December 12 / 12:00pm

Thursday, December 14 / 2:45pm



A young guadeloupean named Isaac has troubles to mourn over the death of his brother Legba. During an apnea fishing, the vision of a diver brings him to the bounds of the unconscious, a first exploration of a new horizon. Vìré is the initiatory journey of a man renewing with his origins. 

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Hugo Rousselin

Guadeloupe / France / 2016, 19 mins

Thursday, December 14 / 7:00pm

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