James, a freelance photo journalist, finds himself stuck in a life and death situation in Syria.

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Mak Abdelhai

Canada / 2017, 11 mins

Thursday, December 14 / 6:00pm

Saturday, December 16 / 4:00pm

Cut Bait


A father-son fishing trip gone wrong.

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Robert Walkine

Bahamas, United States / 2017, 4 mins

Monday, December 11 / 11:30am

Thursday, December 14 / 5:30pm


Roselyn is a young girl, on a ship with her mother and other Haitian refugees. During the night, a number of situations happen to the ship and crew.  It's a short film about hope.

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Jason Evans

Bahamas / 2017, 7 mins

Thursday, December 14 / 8:00pm

Saturday, December 16 / 11:00am

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