The Dunning Man  United States / 2017 / 91 mins

Connor Ryan, out of a job and dumped by his girlfriend, returns to Atlantic City to try to rebuild his life with the last source of income that he has -- a few apartments in a low-rise condo complex that sits in the shadows of AC's newest and most expensive casino. Unfortunately, Connor's tenants don't want to pay him. In order to get his money, Connor has to take on a pair of Chechen animal trainers with underworld ties, a rap star who parties so hard the neighbors can't sleep, and a struggling single mother who steals his heart.

Ratings: 18 year and over


Friday, December 15 / 2:45pm

Baha Mar, Theater 1

Saturday, December 16 / 10:00pm

Baha Mar, Theater 1



Michael Clayton


Michael Clayton


Kevin Fortuna

Principal Cast

James Carpinello, Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Langston Fishburne, Nicoye Banks, Tom Kemp



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