Straws  United States / 2017 / 33 mins

Brisk and entertaining, STRAWS charts the history of drinking straws, and continues to present day issues that surround our current culture's obsession of single use conveniences. Used once and tossed, billions of non-recyclable plastic straws are used annually winding up in landfills, littering streets and finding their way to oceans. The Ocean Conservancy ranks straws as the number five most popular collected item at beach cleanups behind bottle caps, wrappers, and cigarette butts. A viral video of a sea turtle with a plastic straw in its nose has now sparked anti-plastic straw campaigns globally and inspiring sustainable alternatives. Actor/Director Tim Robbins narrates a humorous history of straws, and Director Linda Booker interviews marine researchers, artists, citizen activists, and business owners in California, Costa Rica and North Carolina about how it's possible to make a sea of change, one straw at a time.

Rating: General Audience


Co-Sponsor Bahamas National Trust


Thursday, December 14 / 5:30pm

Bahamas National Trust



Linda Booker


Linda Booker


Linda Booker, Andrea Devoe

Principal Cast

Tim Robbins, Narrator



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