My Enemy My Brother  Canada / 2017 / 77 mins

MY ENEMY, MY BROTHER is the real life story about two former enemies who become blood brothers for life: Zahed Haftlang was an Iranian boy who ran away from home to join the army. Najah Aboud was a 19-year old Iraqi who had been conscripted to fight in the war, leaving behind his wife and son. Both men fought in the Iran-Iraq war where Zahed found Najah critically injured in a bunker and decided to risk his own life to save him. Because of Zahed, Najah’s life was spared. Their lives diverged and they didn't see nor hear of one another for 20 years, until one fateful day.


Rating: 16 years and over


Thursday, December 14 / 1:00pm

Baha Mar, Theater 1

Saturday, December 16 / 12:45pm

Baha Mar, Theater 1



Ann Shin


Ann Shin


Ann Shin

Principal Cast

Zahed Haftland & Najah Aboud



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