Loggerhead Sea Turtle  United States / 2016 / 16 mins

The goal of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle min doc is to celebrate, rather than explain, these magnificent and ancient creatures. We wanted to explore some myths, the mystery, the romance, the sea faring traditions - a touch of the 200 million years of history and successful life on this planet, brought together in an engaging experience that invites viewers to learn more about he endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtle. It was important for a component of the film to show the great devotion and respect the Kiawah residents feel for the turtles who come ashore there to build their nests. It was equally important to demonstrate how we can care for the mothers and their hatchlings in the face of the dire threats they encounter.

Rating: General Audience

Co-Sponsor Bahamas National Trust


Thursday, December 14 / 5:30pm

Bahamas National Trust



Cynthia Neal


Lex Hames


Cynthia Neal

Principal Cast

Devin O'Day (Narrator), Joe Pezzullo, Pastor Rhett Talbert, Jr., and Mary Alice Monroe



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