7x7  United States / 2016 / 93 mins

With the launch of his new company just over a month away, tech entrepreneur Carson Griffin is feeling the pressure, and with the added burden of providing for his cancer-stricken father – and the guilt of being so far away from home – he has turned to alcohol to cope and developed a dangerous habit of driving drunk. It all comes to a head when he goes too far one night and wakes up from blackout with blood all over the front of his car – on the same morning a fatal hit-and-run is reported on his driving route home. 

He visits a memorial at the scene of the accident and meets the victim’s neighbor, Harper. When they run into one another outside of Carson’s office a few days later, they form a relationship that soon begins to blossom – until Carson makes the shocking discovery that she is actually the victim’s girlfriend. Despite their suspicions of one another, Carson and Harper find comfort in their relationship and forge on without addressing the elephant in the room. 

Noticing Carson’s dipping performance at work and hurt by his distant behavior towards her, his talented graphic designer and office romance Marcy takes it upon herself to figure out why he is acting so strangely. Meanwhile, the victim’s brother Vince pours his wallet into finding the killer and suspects that Harper might be withholding information when she is secretive about her new friend. 

As guilt and paranoia unravel him, the launch of the new company approaches, and Marcy and Vince close in, the truth finally comes out in a violent confrontation that will change everyone’s lives forever – only for Carson to discover that it was all for nothing.


Ratings: 18 years and over


Thursday, December 14 / 8:15pm

Baha Mar, Theater 3

Friday, December 15 / 3:45pm

Baha Mar, Theater 3



Liam Hughes


Katherine Yarbrough & Liam Hughes


Katherine Yarbrough & Lindsay Heathcote

Principal Cast

James Jagger, Dree Hemingway, Katie Chang, James Chen, Nick Mennell, Noah Robbins



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