Between 2 Shores – From Santo Domingo To Pointe-A-Pitre  Guadeloupe / 2017 / 52 mins

The everyday life of Johanna and Cristina, two Dominicans who live in Guadeloupe, who struggle to bring back their chlidren left in the Dominican Republic.

Johanna and Cristina are two Dominicans who have been living in Guadeloupe for ten years now. They struggle every day to bring back their children left in the Dominican Republic. Two women, two lives tormented between two shores. Two families which coexist but who know little. The dream of Johanna and Cristina is to reunite their families. Will they achieve this one day?


Rating: General Audience


Thursday, December 14 / 11:00am

Baha Mar, Theater 2

Saturday, December 16 / 11:00am

Baha Mar, Theater 3



Mariette Monpierre


Christelle Theophile


Art & Vision Productions


French- Spanish (English Subtitles)

T +242 698 1800

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