Salt & Light: The Story Of Monsignor Preston Moss  Bahamas / 2016 / 30 mins

Preston Moss was born to be a priest – anyone who knew young Preston growing up, knew he was destined for great things. Salt & Light tells the story of the life and works of Monsignor Preston Moss, from his early upbringing, to the moment that he decided to join the Catholic Church, and beyond. His family and friends weigh in on his transformation into the man he is now, and how he has helped to shape the faith of Catholicism in The Bahamas. His experiences through pre-Independence Bahamas up to the present day provide commentary on where The Bahamas has come from, and the road we have laid ahead.


Friday, December 9 / 3:00pm

Galleria Mall At Marathon

Saturday, December 10 / 2:15pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 2



Joan Albury, Kristina McNeil


Joan Albury, Kristina McNeil

Principal Cast

Monsignor Moss



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