When The Lionfish Came  Bahamas / 2016 / 6 mins

The lionfish’s high rate of predation in the Atlantic is attributed to its appearance — to the rest of the reef, it looks like it belongs. Multiplying at unthinkable rates, the lionfish gorges on the reef until it is depleted and moves on. This film is an illustration of disappearing Bahamian culture (through Junkanoo and reef imagery), the palpability of the absence of real climate change initiatives, and the continued pursuit of capitalistic endeavors (tourism) despite cultural decline. Using both shot and found footage and rendered in black and white to counter ideas of the tropical ideal, this film posits that perhaps the lionfish came to provide clear illustration of the region’s fate without intervention.


Wednesday, December 7 / 2:15pm

Romora Bay, Harbour Island

Saturday, December 10 / 3:00pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 5

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Tamika Galanis


Tamika Galanis


Tamika Galanis



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