The Hem (L’orlo)  Italy / 2016 / 21 mins

Four weeks ago she left her curtains at a tailor’s shop for a simple hem repair, but they haven't got back to her yet. With no curtains to hide her, she becomes constantly spied on by a maniac who lives in the building opposite hers. Exasperated after finding out he has also been taking pictures of her, she decides to break into the man's apartment only to find out that her creepy neighbor is not the real threat…


Saturday, December 10 / 5:00pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 3

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Francesca Sambataro


Francesca Sambataro, Giulia Gianni, Eros Puglielli


Francesca Sambataro

Principal Cast

Caroline Bourg, Luis Molteni


English Subtitles

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