Delinquent  USA / 2016 / 96 mins

The principal is itching to kick Joey out of high school, and Joey can't wait to get out. All he wants is to work for his father, a tree cutter by day and the leader of a gang of small-time thieves by night in rural Connecticut. So when Joey's father asks him to fill in as lookout, Joey is thrilled--until a routine robbery goes very wrong.


Caught between loyalties to family and a childhood friend in mourning, Joey has to deal with paranoid accomplices, a criminal investigation, and his own guilt. What kind of man does Joey want to be, and what does he owe to the people he loves?


Saturday, December 10 / 5:30pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 2

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Kieran Valla


Levi Smock and Kieran Valla


Levi Smock, Alvaro Baquero Benedetti, Daniel Marks, and Kieran Valla

Principal Cast

Alex Shaffer, Bill Sage, Sam Dillon, Kevin Bigley, Erin Darke, Kim Director, David Fierro, Angela Pierce



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