Feng Shui - 万箭穿心,  China / 2012 / 120 mins

Wuhan, central China, the mid-'90s, summer. The ambitious Li Baoli, her husband Ma Xuewu and their eight-year-old son Wenzhao, aka Xiaobao, move from their cramped old house into a spacious, high-rise one provided by the car-parts factory at which Xuewu works as a team leader. The hyperactive Baoli is on edge during the move and relentlessly keeps attacking everyone verbally. For her, the move is a major step upwards in life; but soon everything starts to go wrong. Xuewu tells her he wants a divorce. To gain sympathy, Baoli tries to use her son Xiaobao in her domestic war. Meanwhile, Xuewu has taken a liking to a sympathetic co-worker, the married Zhou Fen, and when Baoli sees him taking her to a hotel one day she makes an anonymous call to the police to raid their room. As a result, Xuewu is demoted at work. They continue to live together, but Xiaobao takes his father's side in Baoli's constant power-playing. Things get worse when Xuewu's mother comes to live with them, and Xuewu is laid off at work. He commits suicide, and Baoli, left to care for her mother-in-law and son, leaves her job in a backstreet socks shop and becomes a female yoke-beare to earn more cash. Ten years later, she is still doing the same job, and Xiaobao, now a top student at high school, is about to take his final exams to enter university. But he has still not forgiven his mother for his father's death.


Friday, December 6 / 6:15pm

Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort

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Jing Wang


Yan Xiaoming

Principal Cast

Bingyan Yan


Mandarin (English Subtitles)

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