Sanctity of Sanctuary  USA / 2013 / 82 mins

Meigs County, Ohio, is the home of herbalist Paul Strauss. Paul has rehabilitated land, left bare by strip mines, and has helped to create the United Plant Savers Sanctuary to preserve endangered medicinal plants. He is visited by herbalists from all over the world, and holds classes on his 300-acre organic farm. This feature documentary speaks to a man’s passion for nature and a call to living a sustainable life. The film questions the use of fossil fuels and how the extraction of fossil fuels has devastated the land. The film asks in an honest way, for viewers to rethink their own energy use practices asking for people to become part of the solution.


Saturday, December 7 / 11:00am

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 3

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Blis Hanousek DeVault


Blis Hanousek DeVault


Blis Hanousek DeVault



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