Gator Farm  USA / 2013 / 18 mins

Gator Farm is a black comedy about a dysfunctional family who are at a tough point in their lives. 

The youngest sister, Valerie, wants to run away. Their father, the effeminate Neil, is fired from his job by his lunatic boss Jay, and his wife has left him, but he's too scared to tell his kids. And Valerie's older sister Kiki is just barely holding it together. Meanwhile, a twelve foot alligator escapes from a gator farm nearby, posing a confusing but very real risk to everyone' well-being. 

But despite Valerie's rebellious nature, despite Neil's intimidating boss and fear of driving, and despite the fact that he may have just bought a mid-life crisis red Mustang convertible, the family will persevere. 

Because that's what families do. No matter how dysfunctional they might be, or how many alligators might be loose in their neighborhood, they will persevere.


Friday, December 6 / 4:45pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 2

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Zoe Robyn


Zoe Robyn


Mallory Schwartz

Principal Cast

Alexandra Jennings, Cissy Jones, Dulé Hill



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