The Deadly Farewell  India / 2012 / 8 mins

The night seems to be darker than usual, the hustle and bustle of the maximum city, is at its best, minimum. In one of the eeriest alleys of South Bombay, the contract killer is waiting patiently for his cab to arrive. As he waits he lights up the cigarette, which illuminates his face, and captures his expression. The years and his work have taken its toll on his face and he has learned that in his profession there is no room for emotion. It is the stone cold demeanor, that makes him one of the very best at what he does.


Thursday, December 5 / 4:30pm

Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort

Saturday, December 7 / 9:45pm

Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort

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Ravy K Chandran


Ravy K Chandran

T +954 281 8751

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