She And The Mirror - Ella Y El Espejo  Spain / 2013 / 30 mins

She and He only have each other. They don’t talk because they have never heard anybody speaking. They live in a lonely world, where apparently there are no more human beings. Nature provides them with the food they need to survive and they also sleep under a roof every night.
He feels joy and pleasure with the simple fact of being with Her, but as She is a woman, She is more complex and enigmatic. She senses another kind of feelings, She is inquisitive. One day She finds something that will change her world forever. It is a mysterious object, a mirror which shows Her her image just as it is, for the first time in her life.


Saturday, December 7 / 2:00pm

Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort

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Hector Dominguez-Viguera


Hector Dominguez-Viguera


Hector Dominguez-Viguera

Principal Cast

Clara Pampyn Boyer, Hugo Diaz de Ceiro


Spanish (English Subtitles)

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