Salt - Sal  Argentina/Chile / 2012 / 112 mins

Sergio is a Spanish film director whose only success was 15 years ago.
He lives with the money just for the day to day and his biggest obsession is making a Western in Northern Chile.
Negatives from producers continue, to allege several failures of the project, but mainly it is the fact that he lacks a good story.
Sergio feels that this gap is also a reflection of his life. He decides to leave everything and travel to northern Chile to find the inspiration needed to choose such a good story to tell.
Once there he will be confused by another story. One such of Diego.
Victor, the most powerful man in the place, as well as shady business on the border with Bolivia, owes a debt to adjust with Diego. And it is so long ago that he was expected to return. Sergio is then wrapped in a vortex of violent events that change his life completely.
The circumstances require him living in a ranch lost in the middle of the desert, with an old man who no longer believes in anything or anyone.
He will meet (perhaps too) Maria, Victor’s wife, attractive, with character but unreliable.
To confuse him with a certain Diego will be the beginning of an adventure who transforms him into the protagonist of the story he never wrote.


Saturday, December 7 / 3:30pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 5

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Diego Rougier


Diego Rougier


Javiera Contador

Principal Cast

Fele Martinez, Javiera Contador, Luis Dubo


Spanish (English Subtitles)

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