Viva Belarus - Zyvie Bielarus  Poland / 2013 / 98 mins

Inspired by the story of young oppositionist Franak Viachorka.
Belarus. Miron is not interested in politics. He thinks his friends from the democratic opposition make just a bunch of daydreamers.
However, the next concert of his 'apolitical' rock band triggers off an anti-regime manifestation among the audience. Miron is enlisted for the army for 15 months by way of punishment for ' encouraging political unrest among young people'.
In his military unit, Miron has to face up to the absurdity of Soviet-inspired indoctrination. 
Miron starts secretly , via an 'illegal' mobile dictating his girlfriend Vera his diary of 'a conscript soldier'. The diary posted by Vera on an internet blog shows the army as a miniature version of the social and political relations in Belarus. Miron combines fragments of the blog into satirical song 'in honor of the army and the regime' , and they soon become real hits among young people.

Ratings: 15 years and over


Friday, December 6 / 7:00pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 2

Saturday, December 7 / 6:15pm

Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 3

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Krzysztof Lukaszewicz ATTENDING


Franak Viacorka, Krzysztof Lukaszewicz


Wlodzimierz Niderhaus

Principal Cast

Dzmitry Vinsent Papko, Karolina Grusza, Aliaksandr Malchanau, Anatolij Kot, Dzianis Tarasenka


Belarusian (English Subtitles)

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