The Blues Crab  United States / 14 mins


The setting for this short film is on and below a small fishing pier somewhere within the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland USA. Most of the action takes place on the ocean floor between several blue crabs who play foolishly around crab pots set by the fisherman above. One particularly wise and experienced ancient blue crab (The Blues Crab) spends his time attempting to impart his wisdom through song to the younger, more innocent crabs fully unaware of the dangers all around them. And like most kids who aren’t interested in listening to the advise of their elders ... well, in the case of blue crabs, end up at one or another crab feasts around town !


The film “The Blues Crab” is a passion project that brings together my love of Delta and Chicago Blues and the Chesapeake Bay, where I grew with fond memories ‘crabbing’ as a kid. I had watched the music documentary ‘Muscle Shoals’ which featured all of this seminal music cinematically married with the backdrop of Alabama’s natural environment; it reminded me of the Chesapeake and helped to inspire the idea for this film


Saturday, December 14 / 5:30pm

SLS, Conference Room Baha Mar

Sunday, December 15 / 5:00pm

The Current Art Gallery, Baha Mar

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Ari Rubenstein


Zoe Peck


Ari Rubenstein

Principal Cast

Music and Sound, Ben Cozens



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