Flight  Jamaica / 2019 / 13 mins

Jamaica is the little island of big dreamers. In exploring one of the ‘biggest dreams’ a Jamaican could have and who could be the ‘likklest’ and most unlikely dreamer to have it – the idea for short film ‘Flight’ was born.

In this inspirational drama, 'Kemar' dreams of flying to the moon, despite being only eight years old and from a poverty-stricken neighbourhood on a tropical island. Using magical realism to visualize childlike imagination, the two unlikely worlds of his inner city community and the moon overlap.

This film is an exploration of big dreams, what fuels them, what stands in the way of them, their ability to transport us and those around us, if they take FLIGHT.

Stories about violence are more common coming out of Jamaica. It was important to tell a different story to our children and to the rest of the world. Yes, there are many criminals in Jamaica but there are also many dreamers. Even the criminals were once children with dreams, standing at that crossroads between boyhood and manhood. Right and wrong. Imagination and reality. ‘Flight’ is set at that crossroads. It was created not only to inspire inner city youth in Jamaica but also their parents and communities. To show them the power and responsibility they have in protecting the dreams of our youth. To teach them to use everything in life as fuel – to propel upwards.

The fact that the three children starring in Flight are all from inner city communities and this is their first film, makes the film itself a physical embodiment of fueling the dreams of Jamaican youth. Watching them watch themselves on the big screen made this film already a success in our eyes as we know three lives have been changed forever.

Flight is meant to remind us that there is no dream too big or character too small and that the beauty is not necessarily in achieving the dream – but in simply having one.

Director Biography -  Kia Moses, Adrian McDonald

KIA MOSES BIO: Armed with a suitcase full of 'banana chips', Kia left Jamaica to major in Advertising at The School Of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York. In 2007 she graduated with Honours, multiple awards and was ranked in the ‘top 100 Advertising Students in the U.S.A.’ After working at ad agencies in New York and London, plus interning for music video director ‘X’, she returned home with a passion to pour everything back into the Jamaican creative industry. Since then, this ‘Imaginationista’ (who clearly also makes up her own words) co-founded TCP Those Creative People and now spends her days switching gears between conceptualizing ideas, creative direction, copywriting and product development for TCP’s own product line – which includes Jamaican greeting cards and ‘One Bag Ah Tings’. After years of writing TV ads, she is excited to finally add screenplay writing and directing to this list. This is her first film. Her hobbies include reading, photography, ballet, and confidently screaming out wrong answers at Jeopardy.

Adrian McDonald is a fine arts photographer, film director and calculated risk taker. As a past student of the Media Technology Institute, he has a deep knowledge of the arts and film. His photographic works have been featured in Vogue Italia, screened at the Louvre in Paris and made numerous publications. He currently has an award winning short film, “Cozenage”, which won 4 of 5 eligible awards at the UWI GATFFEST in 2014. He has spent the past four years developing his photography brand ‘Lexonart’, whilst amassing the necessary tools to stimulate his film career. During this time he has released over three short films, ‘Still Human’, ‘New Slaves’ and ‘The Universe’ to his niche audience on various platforms. Throughout his career Adrian has built a reputation for projecting revolutionary art concepts through varying formats whilst embracing core values of humanity.


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The Current Art Gallery, Baha Mar

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Kia Moses, Adrian McDonald


Kia Moses


Tashara-Lee Johnson

Principal Cast

Rohiem Phillips, Craig Robinson, Jermaine 'Zbek' Nelson, Danielo Reid, Akalia Golding, Christopher McKoy



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