Watch List  Philippines / 2019 / 94 mins

Soon after, Arturo is found dead in the street. Maria is heartbroken and suspects the police are involved. Now widowed, Maria is left to fend for her three kids in the streets. What’s worse, in a nation gripped in the midst of a nationwide purge of drug users, once you’re pegged as a user or pusher, the social stigma follows you like a plague. Maria is kicked out of her apartment, unable to land gainful employment, and warned by local officials that she needs to be careful as she’s still on the drug watch list. But its not until her son Mark is rounded up as part of a youth anti-drug operation that Maria realizes the full extent of the danger she is in.

In a desperate attempt to find protection for her and her family, Maria accepts Ventura’s offer to work as an informant on behalf of the police. But what she thinks will just be information-gathering turns into a much darker role; and in order to keep her children safe she has to do terrible things to other people’s fathers. Because she is female, Maria is able to get closer to potential targets, and soon she is put in compromising circumstances.

WATCH LIST is an exploration of the darkness within each of us, and the extents that we will go to protect those we love.


Saturday, December 14 / 6:00pm

BOND, Baha Mar

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Ben Rekhi


Rona Lean Sales, Ben Rekhi


Brenda Gilbert, Erik Matti,

Principal Cast

Alessandra De Rossi, Art Acuna, Jake Macapagal


English Subtitles

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