The Reverse Diaries  Japan / 2018 / 98 mins

A novelist Rihito Shiraishi meets Saki Honda, a somewhat eccentric woman and triggered by reading her diary,    Shiraishi recognizes that their encounter was not a coincidence.

Rihito Shiraishi, a ghostwriter who wished to be a novelist, met a somewhat eccentric woman named Saki Honda and fell in love with her.  They started dating, and Shiraishi proposed to Saki, but she made a suicide attempt.  Reading her dairy, he learned her secret.  She lost her fiancée who took the flight Shiraishi had cancelled in the plane crash, and approached him out of despair that she could not turn to anywhere.   By staying with him, she had been going through the incident she had had with her fiancée one year ago.  Her sister, Aya Honda, was plotting a secret plan. From one accident, several lives intertwine. Shiraishi learned her secret, and Saki became attracted to him.  Keeping a distance from each other, they began to drop their pretense and started taking a serious look at their own selves. 

*Caribbean Premiere



Thursday, November 29 / 3:10pm

Galleria Cinema Marathon Mall Screen B



Shin Sonoda


Shin Sonoda


Shin Sonoda

Principal Cast

Gen Ogawa as Rihito Shiraishi, Iku Arai as Saki Honda, Marie Ono as Aya Honda Moeru Akazome as Kengo Ichikawa Masana Hirabuki as Naoya Kirishima



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