You Go To My Head  Belgium / 2017 / 95 mins

* Caribbean Premiere


Following a mysterious car accident in the desert, Dafne suffers from post-traumatic amnesia. Jake, the first person she sees when she regains consciousness, tells her he’s her husband.

In a desolate stretch of the Sahara, a mysterious car accident leaves a young woman lost and alone. Jake, a reclusive architect, finds her unconscious. He drives her to the nearest doctor, to discover that she's suffering from post-traumatic amnesia. Intoxicated by the woman’s beauty, Jake claims to be her husband. He names her Kitty and takes her to his remote desert home to recuperate. As Kitty struggles to come to grips with who she is, Jake invents an elaborate life they can share – the life he has always yearned for. Little by little, Kitty begins to fall in love with him. But when shreds of her past begin to surface, Jake increasingly lives in fear of losing the love of his life.

A film has to move me. And that is exactly what You Go To My Head did. I loved this film, and will go to the ends of the earth to proclaim such sentiments. When you experience something this moving and gorgeous and unique, you can’t help but spread the word.“ and ”You Go to My Head is – from my perspective – a perfect film. It’s a memorable masterpiece. In other words, it “went to my head”..." says Michael Klug in Horror Freak News.

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Production Companies: CRM-114 / The Terminal


Thursday, November 29 / 1:00pm

Galleria Cinema Marathon Mall Screen A

Saturday, December 1 / 4:15pm

Andros Room, Baha Mar Convention Centre



Dimitri de Clercq


Dimitri de Clercq, Pierre Bourdy & Rosemary Ricchio


Producer: Dimitri de Clercq, Executive Producers: Thomas Gottschall, Evelyne Faure, Lionel Lambert

Principal Cast

Delfine Bafort, Svetozar Cvetković, Arend Pinoy


English, French (English Subtitles)

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