The Playback. 'It Takes Two To Tango'  Bahamas / 2018 / 29 mins

The story rewinds showing the day the young lady was forgiven by her boyfriend for cheating and then shockingly proposed to, despite her mistake. After excitedly saying yes to marrying him, time goes even further back. It shows where she is persuaded by Jay, who she admittedly had a crush on from his high school basketball days, to cheat on her boyfriend. As the boyfriend catches them together, time swiftly rewinds once more. This time Jay is seen in an altercation with another young lady who brought her crazy cousin to his house to teach him a lesson. Before it could be revealed exactly what Jay did to this young lady, time rewinds for the final time. 
Jay is now seen at basketball practice and is having a noticeably bad day. The coach pulls him to the side to find out what’s wrong. Jay reveals that he contracted AIDS from from his girlfriend after dedicating himself to only her. He tells the coach that those days of being ‘Mr Nice Guy’ are over. Time fast-forwards to the beginning where the pregnant young lady is sending out the text to Jay and the message is being heard as she types. She tells him that she just found out that she has the virus and that she knows he is the cause. However, what causes him to dive so deep into regret is her message of forgiveness, gratefulness for the fact that her boyfriend and baby did not contract it, and her will to carry on despite of the hurt. 


Thursday, November 29 / 3:00pm

Galleria Cinema Marathon Mall Screen A

Friday, November 30 / 6:00pm

Galleria Cinema Marathon Mall Screen A



Jonico Pratt


Jonico Pratt


Jonico Pratt

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Jonico Pratt



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