Snow  Australia / 2018 / 19 mins

11-year-old Sam leaves an injured girl in barren farmland and returns home to care for his grieving family. After a snowstorm he sets back out to find her before it's too late.

In icy winter farmland, an accident leaves a young girl injured. 11-year-old Sam abandons her to continue caring for his grief-stricken family until the weight of his decision bears down on him and he sets back out to find her. ‘Snow’ is a short film seen through the eyes of a boy carrying a burden beyond his years until an unexpected act of kindness offers hope to his barren world.

*Caribbean Premiere



Thursday, November 29 / 7:00pm

Inagua Room, Baha Mar Convention Centre

Friday, November 30 / 12:00pm

Galleria Cinema Marathon Mall Screen A



Alex Murawski


Alex Murawski


Rob Coe, Zachary Luke Kislevitz, Sam Meikle

Principal Cast

Landon Edwards, Brady Jenness, Charlotte Ward, Esther Williamson, Jeb Kreager



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