Susanne Bartsch : On Top  United States / 2017 / 86 mins


The first and only documentary about this living icon Susanne Bartsch. @Bartschland traces the transformation of the past 30 years in NYC nightlife, fashion, ar t and the LGBT community through the life of Susanne Bartsch. 

We want to bring the iconic NYC party, fashion and art scene to vivid life in this film while honoring Susanne's trend-setting, one of a kind lifestyle. We aim to create a truly original and breathtaking film that doesn't echo the stale biographical talking-head documentary we're all used to seeing. We want viewers to experience the dreamlike energy and aura unique to a Bartsch party, and we're going to realize this through an experiential montage of her current-day life blended with archival footage from her past, and accented with playful and highly stylized shoots that leave you emotionally charged yet exhausted - just like on the dance floor! We're also exploring Susanne's future and the challenges she faces as the millennial generation enters her world.

We are obsessed with what people perceive to be "normal." It fascinates us that many people believe there is a certain way to be, or act. Today the idea of what it is to be "normal" is being questioned more and more. From race to sexual orientation to gender identification, there has never been a more important time to highlight a person like Susanne Bartsch, who embraces all walks of life so long as they're true to the individual.

Rating: 18 years and over


Monday, December 11 / 8:30pm

Anglican Hall, Harbour Island

Friday, December 15 / 5:00pm

Baha Mar, Theater 2



Anthony Caronna, Alexander Smith


Anthony Caronna, Alexander Smith


Anthony Caronna, Alexander Smith

Principal Cast

Susanne Bartsch



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